How To Connect To Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft Connection Instructions

To connect to Infusionsoft you will need the following items.

Account Name: The name before your URL in InfusionSoft.

API Key: The API Key is used to securely connect your data to

To Get your API Key, open your main menu, and go to Settings under the Admin column.

Select Application from the left menu and scroll down to the API area on the page.

Enter an API Passphrase. This phrase is used one time to generate the API Key – any phrase will do.

Click on Save to generate the API key. This key is used in the API coding to authenticate the secure connection.

Infusionsoft API Tasks

After you mail a Campaign to a Contact in your Infusionsoft database, they will automatically have a Tag applied to them with the Name of the Campaign that was sent. This way you can add them into any of your Infusionsoft Campaigns so they can move to the next step in the Followup Sequence.

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