Use Direct Mail To Effectively Reach The Right People

This is a from a guest post by Adam White, CTO Postcard Services originally posted on the Batchbook Blog, Learn more about our integration with Batchbook

Direct mail. When you hear those words, what do you think of? Massive mailings to whole ZIP codes announcing discounted products? Coupons for multiple local businesses in an envelope? Local restaurant delivery menus? If you think of any of those items, it can certainly be understood; we all get them delivered to our homes every day. Direct mail has earned a reputation as a way to blanket an entire area with your business’s message and hope that the response out-weighs the expense.

Targeting Does Wonders

However, in today’s business environment, Direct Mail is taking on a new and powerful marketing image, the image of the Great Marketing Response Tool. Postcard direct mail response rates of 3.99% as opposed to 1.73% for email marketing are just the beginning. With easy to use, more powerful direct mail technology, small businesses are changing direct mail back to what it should be called, “targeted” direct mail. Small businesses are using it to contact existing customers and create new customers in a targeted, more direct, and more specific manner. Something like a simple thank you postcard can say much more than a generic email.

Today’s small business calls for frugal marketing decisions where every dollar spent needs to be relied upon to increase sales. Email is such a great tool since its cost is minimal for the amount of people you can reach. Direct mail, on the other hand, has the benefit of being a tangible marketing piece. Its an inexpensive alternative which helps reach customers in a more meaningful way.

Get Effective by Tapping Your Customer Database

Good data is the most important part of a direct mail campaign. Integrating mailing tools directly into CRMs like Batchbook, where small businesses keep that all important data, enables direct mail in its most powerful form. Send that quick follow-up postcard when you get off the phone, send the upsell postcard, send them a free shipping discount postcard to close the sale. Send everyone who bought a couch last month a great offer on the matching chair. The options are endless and customers will respond. Customers read postcards, unlike many emails that can get lost in the shuffle. Postcards have a 79% open rate. That alone makes targeted direct mail worth a try.

Gain Customers via Direct Mail

What about acquiring new customers? Even new customer acquisition direct mail needs to be targeted. It can be as simple as using a data segment to reach females ages 34-49 or homes with the presence of children. Data is your friend when it comes to direct mail. Cultivate good information on leads, and you will be far more successful with your postcard campaigns.

With a little testing, you can not only find the right group of people to send an offer to, but you can also zero in on the perfect offer. Mail half the list Offer A and the other half Offer B and measure what works. Lead prospects to a custom landing page and get their information into your customer database. Once those highly qualified leads are in Batchbook, you can mail them a better or an additional offer with an even more targeted postcard.

Small businesses who use direct mail can see an average return of $12 in revenue for every $1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Isn’t it time for your small business to access that newfound revenue with targeted direct mail?

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