How To Save Money On Your Direct Mail Now!

The first question asked by our customers after their first successful direct mailing is

“It worked great, now, how do I save money on my next mailing?”

180155880In the old days of direct mail it was a simple answer. If you committed to buying more printed pieces in advance, printers can print for less and you can save money. As great as that is, you could end up with 1,000s of old postcards with an old offer and old logo or even the wrong address and phone number.

With we have come up with a much better solution.

A Sample Customer Money Saving Scenario

Bill has been mailing 1,000 postcards a week at the 1,000 piece price through Our Customer Service Rep introduces him to Bill adds two postcard campaigns (yes two separate campaigns with two different artworks, try that with other printers!) into the system. He then adds enough funds for 8,000 postcards since he knows he will be mailing these campaigns for two months. Since Bill has committed to sending a certain amount, we can now change his per piece pricing to reflect that, so our Customer Service Rep assigns the 8,000 piece price for both his campaigns.

Here is the breakdown and the savings:

Old Way:

1,000 4×6 Postcards Printed and Mailed each week to Bills supplied mailing list with traditional ordering:

$.46 each. A great price by the way!

New Way:

1,000 4×6 Postcards Printed and Mailed each week to Bills supplied mailing list with DirectMailManager:

$.38 each! An even better price!

Total Savings:

$.08 a postcard or $640 over the length of the campaign!

How did he save so much again?

Bill added enough funds to his Direct Mail Manager account to pay for 8,000 total postcards (two months worth of his direct mail program), so he now gets the volume price break! And he can add more campaigns as needed!

Simple math. If you are already spending a certain amount on your mailings over a certain time, let Direct Mail Manager work for you and save you money per piece. Call any of our Customer Service Reps and they will be glad to help you set up a campaign(s) and start saving today!

2 Comments to How To Save Money On Your Direct Mail Now!

  1. Do you have a pricing sheet I can review? In the example above, what does the $0.38 pet postcard get Bill?

  2. Customer Support

    The postcard in the example was a full color, 2-sided 4″x6″ postcard that was printed and mailed with our Direct Mail Manager service. Pricing is available here:

    In this example Bob was able to get our 5000 piece price because of the amount of money he put into his account. Feel free to call for more information.

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