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Direct Mail Integration with Infusionsoft Campaigns Is Now Even Easier!

For the last year Infusionsoft users have been adding the power of Direct Mail right into their campaigns using our HTTP Post option. Now we have simplified the process into ONE HTTP Post!

Here is how it works:

Login to and click the Update Account link:

Your API Key and Customer ID are listed on this page, copy and paste them you will need them later.

Login to Infusionsoft and go to Marketing/Campaign Manager.

You can create a new campaign for your HTTP Post or insert into an existing campaign. Click the campaign name to begin.

Start with an option to initiate the direct mail action.

Use any of the available actions to begin the Campaign, then add a New Sequence. Double click the Sequence to add your HTTP Posts.

After you add a Start option, you will want to add 1 HTTP Post.

The New Single HTTP Post will send the customer mailing data AND send the postcard campaign, automatically through the Direct Mail Manager system.

Set up the HTTP Post use the following information.

You will need your API Key and Customer Number for this part. Set up the form just like the one below. The list name can be what ever you want as long as there is some variable (name, company etc.) and it ends in .csv. We used Infusionsoft~Contact.FirstName~~Contact.LastName~.csv that way the lists will be named for the customer that we mailed to. All the fields shown are required to mail. The Customer Email value at the end is the email you use to access


If you follow these steps you will be set up to mail high quality, affordable and effective postcards directly out of Infusionsoft.

Try to mail yourself a postcard first as a test. You should see a list under the Upload/Select Lists area of the Dashboard. All lists are saved there, but they have already been processed for mailing. If you need to test more please call 800.924.1648 and we can help.

8 Comments to Infusionsoft HTTP Post Option

  1. Love it! Definitely going to be building this in our sequences and campaigns.

    What is the listname and how do we find this and use this in Infusionsoft?

    – Chris

  2. Customer Support

    Great! It makes it very simple to send direct mail as part of a campaign.

    The listname is what the list data sent through the HTTP Post and saved at will be called. They are saved under your Upload/Select List area. You do not access those from Infusionsoft, they are the lists that we mail to. Looking forward to working together!

  3. Does this method allow merging of other Infusionsoft fields into the postcard?


  4. Customer Support

    Currently the system does not handle variables on the printed piece but we are working on that functionality in the future. What would you like to carry over? We can handle variables using our 2ndShot system if you are interested. Please feel free to call for more information.

  5. First and last name would be great for a start, but would love the flexibility to add custom fields from the Contact record. Maybe start with 3-5 variable name/value pairs that can be mapped to custom fields? Ideally these mappings would be configured at the campaign/order level. I left you guys a VM earlier today – would def like to hear more about 2ndShot if it can do variables.

  6. 2nd Shot? I’m interested…

    For the custom fields, I’d like the ability to send over our custom data to insert into a letter or postcard. For example, on the front of a postcard include the variable data like “FirstName, it’s you birthday!”

    Like this:

    Or insert other custom fields like “Birthdate”. So in the postcard, we could insert, “January 5th is the best day ever” or whatever.

  7. Customer Support

    We can definitely do that for you with 2ndShot. We are working on adding the variables to Direct Mail Manager as well. Just email me at and we can discuss further what you need. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the post. x2crm (a newer opensource crm) and other crms as well also have this ability to post out just like this. This is a nice walkthrough for that. Any follow on the ability to add extra fields as mentioned for merging?

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