Direct Mail API

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Direct Mail Manager's API makes it easy to print and mail, automated direct mail to your customers. Our API allows you to seamlessly carry over many of the items available in our Campaign Management area, and import that data directly into your campaigns.

Do away with the manual labor; no more printing, hand stamping and delivering. Our Direct Mail API integrates with your website, web app or software. The connections are already set up for you to import names of customers/prospects straight from your software. Then it's a click of the button to mail your customers high quality postcards, automatically!

Check out our API Docs

We use Postman for our API documentation and we offer a collection of API calls for you to use on your own machine easily.

DMM Postman API Docs

What’s Postman and how do I use it?

Start using our API with one click

Download our API specifications collection and run it on your own machine with one click. You can easily send test API requests to our Direct Mail API interface using pre-defined variables or you can share this collection with your developer to integrate our API into your software.

Debug with ease

Send requests to verify your API is ready for launch. Include pre-request scripts, tests, and code snippets to make debugging more powerful. Examine your API’s responses directly within Postman.

Use variables and environments to save & reuse values in multiple places within. Save everything into a comprehensive Postman Collection

Test Automation

Collect the tests and requests you’ve created into a single automated test sequence with the Postman Collection Runner.

Use Newman to integrate Postman Collections into an existing CI/CD process.

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