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How To Increase Your Revenue, Automatically.

Marketing automation. A huge buzzword for small business. Direct Mail Manager is doing their part to help automate direct mail marketing for thousands of small businesses, and now, so is Lead Liaison. Lead Liaison has launched integration of direct mail into their suite of multi-channel…

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Time To Toot Our Horn!

We are always asked what is the difference between Postcard Services and other online print companies? Are you less expensive? Do you print faster? The short answer is usually “Yes”, but what really matters is how you are treated by our amazing customer support staff.…

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How To Save Money On Your Direct Mail Now!

The first question asked by our customers after their first successful direct mailing is “It worked great, now, how do I save money on my next mailing?” In the old days of direct mail it was a simple answer. If you committed to buying more…

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Zapier Integration Now Available!

We have launched our Direct Mail Manager Integration with Zapier! What is Zapier? Zapier lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. Buy using our new private integration you can send direct mail postcards from over 36…

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NEW Single Infusionsoft HTTP Post Option!

Direct Mail Integration with Infusionsoft Campaigns Is Now Even Easier! For the last year Infusionsoft users have been adding the power of Direct Mail right into their campaigns using our HTTP Post option. Now we have simplified the process into ONE HTTP Post! Here is…

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How Does Direct Mail Manager Help Your Business?

When we work with our customers on their direct mail projects, our staff has a large selection of tools to offer them. We can offer our Mailing List Generators, FREE Online Designs, and our overall direct mail expertise. The ultimate tool in our direct mail…

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What’s All The Fuss About Direct Mail?

Direct Mail:  The Little Engine That Could   Direct mail is a viable option because with a 79% open rate, and an approximately 4% response rate So what’s all the fuss about direct mail?  As far as you were concerned, direct mail was dead.  However,…

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Why Timing In Direct Mail Is Everything

Quite often when designing a marketing campaign, many miss the trees for the forest.  Sometimes certain components that are needed to make the overall campaign successful are overlooked.  These are often relatively simple details that should be obvious, and forgetting them can be costly.  There…

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Is Marketing Automation For You?

The answer is yes! Marketing automation is perfect for all small businesses and here is why. There is a view of marketing for some, that results in a kind of touchy-feely approach to engaging customers.  Marketing involves identifying customers’ needs, creating strategies to fulfill those…

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What’s on Your Postcard?

You’ve decided the time is right for a direct mail campaign.  You create content and artwork, and you’re excited about your card.  You submit your order for printing and mailing services, and you wait.  Time goes by and you become increasingly concerned that you’re not…

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