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Automate Direct Mail at Scale

On-demand postcards and letters in the mail stream within 24 hours.


As Easy as Sending an Email

Sending Direct Mail is now as easy as sending an email. DMM helps you do this with automation, html templates, and tracking.

Direct Mail campaigns

On-demand “set it and forget it” Direct Mail campaigns.

Direct Mail API

Easily implement with a robust and well documented RESTful API

Fully Variable Print

Design your own dynamic HTML templates for unlimited customization

Reporting and Analytics

Track your mail production, progress, and delivery.

DMM helps you send direct mail

Direct Mail Manager helps you design and send postcards, launch campaigns and measure results. Import existing customer data through your current CRM or other marketing software

Easy to use dashboard

Push-button artwork preflighting

Personalize with variable data postcards

Real-time address verfication

Comprehensive reporting


How it works?

Direct Mail boasts an open rate of 4.4% while email open rate hangs on at only 0.12%

Add Targets

Import or integrate lists from your existing CRM or marketing software.

Choose Your Artwork

Upload your static or variable artwork online.

Launch Campaign

Immediatly launch your campaign or schedule it to launch in the future.

View Reports

Monitor and track the success of your current campaigns, view results and strategize accordingly.

Integrate into your CRM for optimum results

Software integration with Direct Mail Manager means enhanced visibility and accessibility to the data and systems that drive your business. Our integrations are built for the leading CRM, marketing automation, ecommerce and financial applications. You connect seamlessly to Direct Mail Manager which allows you to import customer data directly to your campaigns.

...and many more

Powerful Direct Mail API

Automate, streamline & increase efficiency with the industry-leading direct mail API.


Easily implement with developer-friendly RESTful API


Sent a single mail piece or a batch in real time.

Real-Time Mail Statues

Ingest real-time mail statuses to inform downstream workflows
Powerful api json schema