Targeted. Personalized. Relevant. Fast.

Automate targeted on-demand postcards and letters at-scale and get them in the mail stream within 24 hours.


Direct Mail as Easy as Email

Direct Mail Manager transforms direct mail for the digital age. Automation, HTML templates and real-time tracking make sending postcards and letters as easy as sending email – and more impactful!

Direct Mail Campaigns

On-demand “set it and forget it” campaigns. Set up recurring campaigns once and let the automation take it going forward.

Direct Mail API

Easily implement with a robust and well-documented RESTful API. It’s easy for your in-house team to integrate with existing tools.

Fully Variable Print

Design your own dynamic HTML templates giving you the best of both worlds – turnkey automation and unlimited customization.

Reporting and Analytics

Track your project every step of the way, from production to delivery and performance.

Direct Mail Manager Does the Heavy Lifting

With the push of a button, Direct Mail Manager steps you through designing and sending postcards and letters, launching campaigns and measuring results using your existing customer data directly from your current CRM system or other marketing software.
Direct Mail Manager includes these time-saving features:

Easy-to-use dashboard

Push-button artwork preflighting

One-to-one personalization with variable data postcards

Real-time address verification


How Direct Mail Manager Works

Add Your Mail List

Import or integrate targeted lists from your existing CRM or marketing software.

Add Your Artwork

Upload your static or variable artwork

Launch Your Campaign

Launch your campaign Immediately or schedule it to launch in the future.

Track and Monitor Campaign Progress

Monitor and track the progress of your current campaigns, so you can refine going forward.

Integrate With Existing Tools for Optimal Results

Direct Mail Manager integrates out-of-the-box with some of the most popular CRM and marketing software tools on the market. This integration ramps up the value of your existing tools by enabling enhanced visibility and accessibility to the data and systems that drive your business. We provide seamless integration with leading CRM, marketing automation, ecommerce and financial software solutions, allowing you to import customer data directly to your campaigns.

...and many more

Powerful Direct Mail API

Automate, streamline and increase efficiency with the industry-leading direct mail API that empowers your in-house development team to incorporate powerful direct mail capabilities from Direct Mail Manager into your existing platforms.


Easily implement with developer-friendly RESTful API


Send a single mail piece or a batch in real-time

Real-Time Mail Status

Access real-time mail status to inform downstream workflows
Powerful api json schema