Introducing Our New Online Designer Tool!

At , we are excited to launch our new online designer tool, packed with features that make creating personalized direct mail campaigns easier than ever before.

Key Features:

  1. Variable Images: Customize your mail pieces with unique images for each recipient. Our variable image feature allows you to create highly personalized content that resonates with your audience.
  2. Variable Text: Personalize your message for each recipient effortlessly. With variable text, you can tailor your communications to individual preferences and details, increasing engagement and response rates.
  3. Free Image Library: Access a vast library of high-quality images at no cost. Whether you’re looking for vibrant photos, illustrations, or icons, our free image library has you covered.
  4. Google Street View Integration: Add a unique touch to your mail pieces by incorporating Google Street View images. Show recipients a familiar view of their own street or business location, creating a memorable and personalized experience.
  5. Google Map Creator with Variable Address: Create customized maps featuring variable addresses for each recipient. This feature is perfect for highlighting specific locations, such as your business or event venues.
  6. QR Generator: Easily generate QR codes that link to websites, promotional offers, or contact information. QR codes provide a convenient way for recipients to engage with your content digitally.
  7. Text Editor: Our built-in text editor allows you to format and style your text with ease. Customize fonts, colors, and layouts to create visually appealing and professional mail pieces.
  8. HTML Code Generation on the Fly: For those who prefer working with code, our tool can generate HTML code on the fly. This feature offers advanced customization options for creating unique and dynamic mail pieces.
  9. Immediate Save to Account: Save your designs instantly to your account. This feature ensures that your work is always secure and accessible, allowing you to revisit and edit your designs at any time.

Our online designer tool is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to create stunning, customized direct mail pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a small business owner, our tool offers the flexibility and functionality you need to create impactful campaigns.

Ready to get started? Try our new online designer tool today and elevate your direct mail marketing!