4 Facts About Address Verification and Why You Need it For Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Making sure that your postcards and letters are on their way to the correct destination is essential to any successful direct mail campaign. That’s why having a resource that makes address verification simple and easy is a must if you plan on making targeted direct mail campaigns a mainstay of your marketing efforts. If you’ve never executed a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s likely you’ll underestimate the value of address verification. Regardless, overlooking this step is one of the biggest mistakes you could make regarding your direct mail campaign. 


Here are some of the reasons why targeted direct mail campaigns need address verification:

Address Verification Can Help Reduce Waste

Cost is one of the biggest concerns marketers have when it comes to executing new marketing initiatives, including targeted direct mail campaigns. Think about how much money, time, and effort you could waste on postage fees by sending postcards and letters to incorrect addresses. That can all be eliminated by taking the time to make sure addresses are correct prior to sending your postcards and letters out. 


If you don’t verify that your addresses are correct prior to sending your direct mail, the odds of wasting valuable time and money are increased. Fortunately, direct mail automation platforms like Direct Mail Manager makes verifying addresses seamless, allowing you to focus on other details related to your campaign.

Maintaining a Clean Database is Easier When You Have a Method for Verifying Addresses

Another key element for a successful direct mail campaign is a clean, error-free database. Making sure that your database is accurate and up to date makes it easier to avoid costly errors while executing your direct mail campaigns. Address verification is one of the best resources for making sure your database remains clean, because it can help you identify inaccurate addresses. This allows you to update records with inaccurate addresses, or delete them altogether prior to spending valuable time and money sending them your mail. 


Making sure that addresses within your database are clean can also serve your business in other areas. For instance, when your addresses have been verified for accuracy you can use them to make decisions regarding your warehousing or delivery strategy. Another benefit of verifying addresses prior to sending direct mail is identifying your records that contain false addresses altogether. Using an address verification tool can easily weed them out which could eliminate competitors hoping to gain insights about your deals and promotions from your database.

Having a Method for Verifying Addresses Helps Account for Typos and Other User Errors

One of the realities of manually entering data is that human error can rear its head at any given time. That includes when users are providing you with basic information like their names, contact information and addresses. Having a system in place for verifying addresses is a great way to correct errors people make when providing you with their information. 


Relying on a direct mail automation program with the ability to validate millions of USPS and non-USPS addresses, gives you the ability to fix things like abbreviations and misspellings so that your mail doesn’t get returned. The amount of records that you have that contain missing numbers, incorrect spellings or abbreviations and other errors that could prevent your mail from being delivered may surprise you. Having a direct mail automation platform that verifies the addresses of your records prior to sending your direct mail is a necessity for ensuring human error doesn’t stop your mail from getting delivered.

Address Verification Ensures Your Message Gets Into the Right Hands at the Right Time

Getting returned mail from the USPS after executing your first direct mail campaign can be frustrating for a variety of reasons. Not only has the valuable hard-earned money that was spent on postage fees gone to waste, your audience also won’t receive the message you had in store for them. 


The best way to avoid a situation like this is to make sure that the direct mail automation platform you use has a way to verify addresses prior to sending your postcards and letters. Unnecessary delays when it comes to getting your mail into the hands comes with numerous drawbacks. By using a direct mail automation platform like Direct Mail Manager that makes address verification simple, making sure your mail gets delivered to the right place at the right time couldn’t be easier.

Start Executing Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns with Address Verification Today with Direct Mail Manager!

There are a multitude of benefits that come with executing your first targeted direct mail campaign. By choosing to communicate with your target audience using direct mail, you’re contacting them by one of the communication methods prospects are most eager to engage with. Direct mail is also one of the most effective ways to get a response from your prospects too. The key to a successful direct mail campaign is an automation platform that simplifies the process of verifying the addresses of the recipients of your postcards and letters. Such a platform has the potential to reinvent the way you communicate with your target audience. 


Making Direct Mail Manager your preferred platform for executing your direct mail campaigns means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not the addresses in your database are correct prior to sending your postcards or letters. From seamless address verification to integrations with many of the marketing resources that you already use, Direct Mail Manager is capable of making direct mail campaigns a staple of your marketing efforts. To learn more about Direct Mail Manager, sign up for a free demo today!