5 Basic Direct Mail Facts Beginners Need to Know

Executing your first direct mail strategy on your own comes with a unique set of challenges. Overcoming those challenges might be easier than you think though, and the benefits are immense. One of the obstacles related to direct mail that many marketers struggle with is knowing the facts that are essential to a successful campaign.

There is so much information regarding direct mail floating around out there that getting the facts may be more difficult than you think. Some of the most important direct mail facts include:

There are Numerous Reasons Why Direct Mail is Preferable to Email

One reason why direct mail is growing in popularity is because of how it performs in comparison to other mediums. If you’re used to relying on digital platforms to communicate messages with your core audience, the results direct mail delivers may surprise you. Some of the reasons why direct mail might be a preferable marketing channel to email are:

1. Direct Mail Provides Unfiltered Access to Decision Makers

The process of reaching key decision makers is easier said than done. That’s especially the case when there are gatekeepers involved who are tasked with vetting every email that reaches the inbox of the decision maker. When direct mail is used, the obstacle of overcoming the objections that gatekeepers offer is avoided entirely by directly addressing mail to said decision maker.

2. There is no Opt-In Required for Direct Mail

Capturing an email address to get a new contact into your sales funnel only for them not to opt-in is frustrating. One of the benefits of direct mail is that your leads don’t have to opt-in to begin receiving your marketing.

3. Direct Mail Is Less Saturated Than Other Marketing Channels

Since channels like email and social media have become the preferred choice for most marketers, they are becoming too crowded. Direct mail on the other hand is ideal for allowing your message to reach your audience without as much competition. This could make it easier to catch the attention of your target audience than if you were relying on the same channels as everyone else.

The Return on Investment for Direct Mail is Higher Than You May Think

Another insight regarding direct mail that should be kept in mind is that the return on investment is better than you might have expected. Research shows that the ROI for direct mail marketing sits at roughly 29%. The return on investment that direct mail advertising possesses could entirely reinvent your approach to marketing to your target audience. That’s especially the case considering the fact that the return on investment for other marketing methods isn’t as promising. 

Take paid search for example, as marketers who rely on paid search advertising typically experience an average ROI of 23% according to the Data & Marketing Association. The ROI for online display ads is even lower at just 16%. That being said, advertisers hoping to get the biggest bang for their buck will give direct mail marketing serious consideration.

Understanding What Your Mailing Frequency Should be is Essential to the Success of a Direct Mail Campaign

The secret recipe to any successful marketing formula is delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. That’s why knowing how often you should send out postcards and letters to your audience is essential to the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. Most experts believe that it’s best to wait 21 days in between touchpoints when engaging prospects in a direct mail campaign. That being said, there’s no “one size fits all” formula for executing direct mail campaigns.

Every direct mail campaign has certain characteristics that make it different from the next one. Ensuring that you have a timely, relevant message for each touchpoint is just as important as nailing your mailing frequency. Also essential to the success of your direct mail campaign is a strong design that quickly catches the attention of recipients. Your target audience receiving well-designed postcards that catch their eye has the potential to have a strong impact on your marketing strategy.

There are Multiple Ways to Reap the Full Benefits of Direct Mail While Maintaining Low Costs

Designing an impactful postcard might be more affordable than you might think. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your direct mail marketing costs down:

  • Ensure That the Records In Your Mailing List Are Correct
    One of the biggest culprits of wasted funds when it comes to direct mail marketing campaigns is inaccurate data. Combing through your leads to make sure they’re accurate and up-to-date is vital. Choosing not to do so could result in spending money just for your postcard to sit in an unchecked mailbox. To ensure that your postcard or letter gets read, double and triple-checking your mailing list is a must. 
  • Take Advantage of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Services
    Exploring all of the options you have for executing a direct mail campaign is another step marketers should take to stretch advertising budgets. Among the options that are available for conducting direct mail marketing campaigns is Every Door Direct Mail services.

    This particular option is appealing to marketers because it allows them to send postcards to everyone in your community at the lowest possible rate. Since you don’t need a list to take advantage of EDDM services, you can reach more contacts at a cheaper rate.

  • Automate Tasks Associated With Your Direct Mail Campaign
    Managing the finer details of a direct mail campaign can become time consuming. It can also be costly if not done correctly. By automating tasks related to your next direct mail campaign, you’ll save valuable time and funds. That’s because automation is capable of helping you cut down on the amount of returned mail you receive with address verification.


Why You Need a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

The value of using digital marketing strategies to drive engagement is evident to marketers. What lots of marketers don’t realize is that direct mail campaigns offer many of the same benefits as digital channels. Constructing a direct mail marketing campaign also allows you to gain an edge on your competition.

That’s because direct mail campaigns allow your message to appear where your target audience is least likely to expect it. This has the potential to allow your brand, along with its message to stand out from the crowd. Isn’t that what every marketer strives for?

How Direct Mail Manager Can Help You Achieve the Desired Outcome of Your Campaigns

If you’ve never executed a direct mail marketing campaign on your own, then being nervous about moving forward with one is totally fair. Fortunately, resources like Direct Mail Manager are equipped with the features necessary for making the process of sending your first mailer simple.

From seamless CRM integrations, to real-time mail tracking, Direct Mail Manager goes above and beyond to ensure that executing direct mail marketing campaigns is a breeze. For more information about how you can use Direct Mail Manager to enhance your marketing strategy get in touch with us today!