Benefits of Leveraging Your Data in a Direct Mail Campaign

Your data is worth its weight in gold. The key to unlocking the value of your data is understanding all of the ways that it can be used to your advantage. One of the biggest resources capable of allowing you to make the most of your data is direct mail. 


The benefits that result from integrating the marketing platforms you currently use with a direct mail automation platform like Direct Mail Manager are wide-ranging, and have the potential to leave a lasting effect on your outreach efforts moving forward. Some of those benefits are that:

Direct Mail Allows You To Connect With Contacts Offline

It’s no secret that digital marketing channels like social media and email can be super valuable in reaching your target audience. The problem is that your efforts there are irrelevant to your contacts that don’t check those platforms regularly. 


That’s why you need a solution for reaching your contacts who don’t spend time incessantly refreshing their email inboxes and social feeds. Considering the fact that lots of people still look forward to checking their mailboxes regularly, direct mail could be an ideal addition to your marketing toolkit.

Direct Mail Provides Something Tangible To Help Remember Your Brand With

Standing out in the minds of people you’re trying to reach can be one of the biggest challenges you face as a marketer. That’s why in a world dominated by invasive social media and search engine advertising that’s consumed within seconds, a personally addressed postcard can go a long way. Think about it this way, if a close friend were to send you a postcard while on a trip, you would probably read it and maybe even place it on your refrigerator. 


What you may not realize is that people in your contact list would likely do the same thing with postcards that you send them. That’s especially true if your postcard contains a graphic that really catches the eye, or if it consists of an offer they can’t refuse. The fact that users have the ability to send an unlimited amount of full color postcards with artwork to contacts is just one of the reasons why Direct Mail Manager could play a key role in helping you maximize your data.

You Can Use Your Data to Follow Up With Contacts in a Creative Way

Making sure your messaging doesn’t get stale is another responsibility marketers are tasked with. This can seem like a particularly difficult uphill climb when you’re relying heavily on digital platforms for your outreach. Luckily sending visually appealing postcards that you can track to your contacts can go a long way in keeping your outreach efforts fresh. 


Instead of sending an email to catch up with contacts that you haven’t heard from in a while, try sending them a postcard expressing how much you miss them. This could be a highly effective way of capturing the attention of your contacts that are simply too overwhelmed by the amount of marketing collateral they get on digital platforms.

Direct Mail Automation Makes Personalizing Your Marketing Outreach Simple

One of the limitations that digital marketing platforms have is that typically, your contacts know that you’re speaking to more than just one person. That makes them more inclined to ignore the message you have for them, regardless of how great you think it is. By making a direct mail automation program with full variable printing capabilities a part of your marketing toolkit, sending postcards that are directly addressed to your contacts is a breeze. 


This allows you to craft postcards or letters that resonate with your target audience, many of whom would be eager to read and or share the message it has. The personalization doesn’t stop there, either. You can use Direct Mail Manager to personalize postcards to your contacts to include unique discount codes, product information and more. Using direct mail to increase the level of personalization within your marketing efforts could have a bigger impact than you think.

Start Using Your Data for Direct Mail Campaigns with Direct Mail Manager

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to direct mail automation, don’t worry. Direct mail Manager makes it easy for you to get started sending postcards to your contacts by allowing you to upload lists in just a matter of seconds. Direct mail manager also works with the marketing platforms you already use without a hitch. The potential for direct mail to breathe new life into your marketing efforts is undeniable. Try it for yourself today by creating your account free of charge, and uploading your first list!