Can Direct Mail Automation Help Tax Preparation Services Get More Business?

Don’t underestimate the impact that automated direct mail has on helping you attract new tax-prep clientele. Even though the digital realm is the primary focus of most marketers these days, the value in leveraging direct mail campaigns is largely underrated. A well-executed automated direct mail campaign could be exactly what it takes to exceed your revenue goals for the upcoming tax season. There are multiple reasons why that’s the case which we’ll explore below!

Yes Direct Mail Automation Can Help Tax Prep Services Get More Business – And Here’s Why

A lot of marketing messages that your audience will be receiving during tax season will come off as impersonal to them. By prioritizing automated direct mail campaigns your marketing material will be more likely to cut through the clutter your audience will be faced with on other channels like TV, radio and internet. Sending an informative, engaging mailer also provides audiences with the convenience of being able to consume your message once they’re ready. Here are a few ways automated direct mail campaigns can help you boost your revenue this tax season:

  • Variable Data Printing Allows You to Personalize Your Outreach

Providing personalized outreach can have a bigger impact on your bottom line than you might think. If a tax preparation service provider sends you a postcard directly addressed to you, and a competing provider sends one addressed “Dear Resident,” the latter would probably go right into the trash. By leveraging the first party data you have available, you can personalize your mail in a variety of ways that allows your message to stand out from the crowd.


You can use Direct Mail Manager’s variable data printing capabilities to leverage a variety of unique insights in your campaigns. Name, hometown, income level, you name it. The ability to leverage all of the first party data you collect about your audience within a direct mail campaign is instrumental in helping you get the most out of your tax-season marketing campaigns.


  • Real-Time Mail Tracking Helps to Plan Mailing Cadences to Perfection

Offering the right person the right message, at the right time is the goal for every campaign. Features like real-time mail tracking make accomplishing this goal easier than you can imagine. This feature provides users with accurate tracking related to the status of your mailer within the mailstream from the time it leaves the post office, until the moment it hits recipients’ mailboxes. Without this technology, you may wind up sending too much mail within too short of a time frame.


And inundating your audience with repetitive messaging could turn them away from your brand altogether. Having access to real-time mail tracking also helps to time your cadence relative to delivery response times. Let’s say you execute your first direct mail campaign and notice phone calls related to it start coming in roughly two weeks time up future mailings post-delivery. You can use that insight to execute future mailings at least a few weeks apart from one another to give your audience time to digest your message.

  • Multiple Resources That Simplify the Design Process

Design obstacles are often listed among the reasons people have often refrained from executing direct mail campaigns. There are numerous ways programs like Direct Mail Manager can help you design mailers that leave lasting impressions. The first is with a full library of direct mail templates that you can use on your upcoming campaigns. Another resource you can leverage to design your campaign is Direct Mail Manager’s pre-flight design tool.

The pre-flight design tool is essential for helping to prevent mail going out with errors capable of rendering your whole campaign a failure. The tool helps users catch a variety of errors including text outside of the safe area, bad color spacing and more. And if you’re still uncomfortable with designing your own direct mail campaign don’t worry. Direct Mail Manager users with a Pro-level membership have access to complimentary design from our world-class creative team.

  • CRM Integrations Enable You to Execute Campaigns With the Click of a Button

The multitude of CRM integrations Direct Mail Manager has available makes executing campaigns as painless as possible. These integrations make reaching out to your past clients easier than ever. Pretend that the year is winding down and you’re planning your marketing strategy for tax season, which is just around the corner. You can use automated direct mail to automate for a follow-up mailer to be sent right around the holidays. And you don’t have to limit the messaging of your holiday mailer to language related to the holiday season. 

You could include a line or two encouraging recipients to schedule an appointment to get tax help before you run out of availability. This type of content could be instrumental in helping recipients use your service again, as opposed to competitors. Executing this type of mailing campaign is as simple as setting up a trigger that sends mailers to everyone in your CRM that hasn’t made an appointment with you within the past six to eight months. That’s just one example of how Direct Mail Manager’s CRM integrations can help you execute campaigns that are capable of helping you exceed your revenue goals. To get more details about how Direct Mail Manager’s integrations work, schedule a free demo with a specialist today.

Direct mail automation for tax prep services

Kickstart Your Tax Season Marketing Campaign With Direct Mail Manager

Don’t exclude direct mail from your tax season marketing strategy. Doing so could be the difference between exceeding your revenue goals for the year, or falling short of them. Fortunately, the staff at Direct Mail Manager is eager to help you get your upcoming campaign up and running. To get started, sign up for a Free or Pro Direct Mail Manager Membership and upload your first mailing list. Tax season will be here before you know it. Get your marketing strategy constructed in time to start earning more tax-prep clientele by signing up for Direct Mail Manager today!