Explore Our New Test Mode Feature to Streamline Your Direct Mail Campaigns


We are excited to announce a new feature on DirectMailManager – Test Mode! Our team is dedicated to providing the best tools for managing your direct mail campaigns. With the introduction of Test Mode, users can now access our API key functionality, enabling a smoother and more efficient direct mail experience.


What is Test Mode?

Test Mode is a feature designed to help users explore and familiarize themselves with our platform’s API key functionality without affecting live campaigns or incurring any costs. By using a test API key, you can simulate the entire direct mail process, from creating and sending mailers to tracking delivery, without any real-world consequences.


Key Benefits of Test Mode:

  1. Risk-Free Exploration: Test Mode allows users to experiment with our API key feature without any financial commitments or impacts on ongoing campaigns. This risk-free environment helps you gain confidence in using our platform’s advanced features.
  2. Easy Integration: Test Mode provides a seamless transition to integrate your applications with our platform. By using the test API key, you can ensure that your integration is successful before implementing it in live campaigns.
  3. Improved Learning Curve: The Test Mode feature helps users become more proficient with our platform’s API key functionality. By practicing in a simulated environment, users can quickly learn the ins and outs of the system, ultimately leading to better campaign management.


How to Use Test Mode:

To access Test Mode, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DirectMailManager account.
  2. Click your Profile icon on the bottom-left, and click the switch “Test mode”
  3. Navigate to the Developer section of our platform.
  4. Generate a test API key by clicking on “Add Key.”
  5. Use this test API key to explore our platform’s features without any consequences to your live campaigns.



Test Mode is an invaluable addition to DirectMailManager , offering users a chance to explore and understand our API key feature without any risks or costs. We believe that this new feature will empower you to create more effective direct mail campaigns and improve your overall experience with our platform. Try Test Mode today and unlock the full potential of DirectMailManager !