Whether you want to kickstart or reignite your business, Direct Mail Manager can help

Whether you’re trying to get a new business off the ground strong or simply want to reignite your established brand, Direct Mail Manager’s time-saving automation will help you create impactful multi-channel campaigns that reach the audiences you want to connect with—fast.

Real-Time Mail Tracking

Track the status of each individual mailer from the time it leaves our facility to the time it reaches your targets’ mailboxes. Compare delivery to response times to help refine future mailings.

Fully Variable Printing

In the digital age consumers expect personalized communications. Direct Mail Manager can take any contact information you upload and make it available to personalize your direct mail, including name, custom URLs, discount codes, product information, property values and more—any available data you have access to.

Real-Time Address Verification

Automated, real-time address verification helps reduce returned mail—before it’s sent—helping you avoid wasted postage and material costs. Direct Mail Manager’s Address Verification validates 160 million USPS address plus over 15 million non-postal addresses.

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Import Lists in Seconds

Easily and quickly import your information into Direct Mail Manager and create a mailing in minutes! Direct Mail Manager will verify your addresses, correct any errors and update your list to ensure accuracy. You can also segment your lists, import and match against suppression lists, and set up custom fields and filters.

Automate your CRM

Use Direct Mail Manager’s APIs to connect directly with your current CRM and marketing automation tools and amplify your multi-channel marketing using automated workflows that trigger event-based direct mail and email. Your customers don’t live in one channel and neither should you—make communications around events like onboarding, registrations, inactivity and more more impactful by combining traditional and digital coverage.

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