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Sending Mail with Google Street View

Google Street View for Realtors

Delivering personalized media has proven to increase response rates and overall ROI across every media. Digital marketing has made this possible through programmatic display retargeting and device characteristics. How can we empower businesses to apply this same functionality to direct mail?

Google Street View has empowered financial institutions and realtors alike to stitch together Google’s street view of almost any address embedding it into any media type. Direct Mail Manager allows this application to seamlessly integrate any address into a post card or letter.

Farming Cards: is a marketing strategy that involves planting, nurturing and cultivating real estate leads that grow into future business. -Zillow

Google Street view can be used to programmatically add an image to of the recipience home or and image of a home or multiple homes recently sold in their neighborhood.

Direct Mail Manager allows hundreds of merge fields to integrate variable data like home values, recently sold home values or anything else that can personalize the media being sent.


Adding Google Street View (GSV) To Postcards


What is Street View?

Google Street View is powered by Google Maps and gives users the ability to view their surroundings at a specific location with panoramic images. This gives users the ability to view landmarks and buildings all over the world. Not only can it be used for personal and entertainment purposes, but utilizing Google Street View can be a big benefit to certain businesses, especially with the use of the GSV API.

What is Google Street View API?

The GSV API allows integration of Google Street View into any application by pulling a GSV image in JPG format without the use of JavaScript with proper implementation of the GSV API documentation. The image can be used for any number of reasons depending on the use case of the company.



Google Street View Postcard Example

Need a hand getting started with Google’s Street View API? No Problem.

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