Product Update: Standard Class Direct Mail is Now Live for DMM Letters!

You can never have too many low-cost methods for connecting with your target audience. Knowing that, the team here at Direct Mail Manager wanted to provide you with more low-cost options for getting your message in front of target audiences. Having the option to send full-sized 8.5×11 letters to your audience could potentially breathe new life into your marketing strategy. That’s why the team at Direct Mail Manager made it easier for you to send letters by allowing you to send full-sized letters using standard mail. 


Check out the insights below to help determine whether or not sending letters using standard mail is the right choice for your campaign.


What is Standard Class Mail?

Generally, standard class mail is the default mailing method for bulk advertising material like flyers. The requirements for standard mail are a minimum count of 200 pieces and for the mail to weigh less than 16 ounces per piece. 


Standard class mail is also more cost-effective than first class mail. The ability that direct mail manager users now have to send full-sized color letters with standard class mail means more savings for you, our users.


How is Standard Class Different From First Class Mail?

Aside from being more affordable than first class mail, there are a multitude of differences between first class and standard mail. One of the biggest is that the delivery window for standard mail is wider than it is for first class mail. 


That’s because the USPS processes First Class mail ahead of standard mail which is one reason why it’s the more expensive option. The delivery time range for first class mail is 3-4 days, compared to 5-21 days for standard mail.


When is Standard Class Mail Worth the Savings?

Let’s say for example you’re conducting a direct mail campaign to remind your audience to make their annual doctor’s appointment. In this case, the 5-21 day delivery time range that comes with standard mail would work, so choosing to save money by using standard mail for this campaign is likely the preferred choice. 


A more time-sensitive announcement, like one from a retailer announcing a sale that will only be offered for a limited time, would likely require first-class mail. The savings that standard mail presents may also be appealing if your campaign doesn’t require tracking or address change reporting.


How Much Does Sending Letters Using Standard Class Direct Mail Cost?

Currently, users under the Direct Mail Manager starter plan have the ability to send full-sized color letters for $1.05 each. This update will allow those users to send letters to audiences for just $0.88 each.


Users of Direct Mail Manager’s pro plan previously had the ability to send letters for the price of $0.80 each. Direct Mail Manager’s standard mail update drops that price down to just $0.69 per piece. Considering the cost savings this update delivers to users, sending letters as efficiently as possible has never been easier.