Enhance Direct Mail Manager Engagement with Dynamic Personalization

Utilize Direct Mail Manager’s Dynamic Personalization to Boost Direct Mail Performance and ROI

Personalized messaging is a fundamental aspect of contemporary marketing campaigns and a crucial driver of user engagement. Direct Mail Manager empowers direct mail campaigns with personalization at scale, allowing you to optimize your return on investment. Direct Mail Manager achieves this by supporting HTML creatives with merge variables, enabling you to use your customer data to individually tailor your message for each recipient, maximizing the impact of each mail piece.


Leverage Dynamic Personalization in Direct Mail Manager:

With Direct Mail Manager, you can design direct mail piece similar to an email and other digital channels, harnessing the power of dynamic personalization to create successful and high-performing mail pieces and campaigns. Here are some best practices that utilize dynamic personalization:

  1. Achieve 1-to-1 Attribution: Utilize dynamic landing pages, QR codes, and unique URLs/promo codes to gain insights into audience responses at an individual level.
  2. Repurpose Digital Campaign Assets: Coordinate omni channel campaigns with consistent messaging and branding across online and offline channels.
  3. Experimentation: Streamline A/B and multivariate testing by combining audience targeting with the dynamic creation of multiple creative permutations. Evaluate the effectiveness of various images, layouts, call-to-action (CTA) copy, promotions, and more.
  4. Integrate into the Customer Journey: Automatically send mail at any point in the customer journey by setting up automated direct mail triggers at key actions and milestones.



Overview of Personalization within Direct Mail Manager:

Leverage personalization in Direct Mail Manager through two key components:

  1. HTML Templates
  2. Merge Variables


Direct Mail Manager’s dynamic personalization capabilities offer an excellent opportunity to improve the performance of your direct mail campaigns and maximize your return on investment. By implementing personalized messaging, repurposing digital campaign assets, and experimenting with different creative elements, you can create a more engaging and effective direct mail strategy. Try Direct Mail Manager today and unlock the full potential of personalized direct mail campaigns.


HTML Templates

Direct Mail Manager’s HTML Templates provide an easy solution for adding a personal touch to direct mail campaigns through the use of dynamic fields called merge variables. By mapping these variables to specific attributes in customer records or audience segments, you can effortlessly personalize various aspects of your creative, such as including each recipient’s name in the mail piece. Embrace the power of personalization with Direct Mail Manager’s HTML Templates and dynamic merge variables to elevate the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.