Tips for Constructing a Mailing List That Performs Well

Your mailing list is the foundation of your direct mail campaign. Going above and beyond to make sure that your mailing list is well-constructed and accurate is a necessity. Failing to do so could potentially render your entire campaign as a failure before it even begins. But setting up a mailing list that yields the results you’re seeking is easier than you think. Below, we’ll provide you with all the insights necessary for successfully constructing your next mailing list.


Outline the Goals of Your Direct Mail Campaign

One of the most common mistakes marketers make when constructing mailing lists is failing to outline the goals for the campaign. Let’s break down why that’s such a pivotal mistake. First, is that you might have different reasons you’re mailing specific audiences. If that’s the case, one-size fits all messaging will only resonate with a small percentage of your audience. Another reason why defining the goals of your direct mail campaign is crucial is because doing so can help inform the timing of your campaigns. And we all know how crucial providing audiences with the right message, at the right time is.


For instance, if the goal of your upcoming campaign is to engage dormant leads and customers, it would be smart to make sure your list consists heavily of people that haven’t bought in a while. Then, you could take advantage of triggers that allow you to send direct mailers once a certain amount of days has passed since a purchase was last made. Doing so might remind recipients of how long it’s been since they’ve ordered, nudging them towards making a purchase. Ultimately, outlining the goals of your campaign is essential for constructing your mailing list because doing so allows you to spend your resources mailing your contacts most likely to achieve your desired outcome.


Build Mailing Lists Based On Your First-Party Data

The first party data that you collect from your leads and customers is one of the biggest assets you have. That’s because you can easily use the data you’ve collected to craft content that will resonate with your best customers. Without first-party data, you’ll essentially be hoping that your message gets across to recipients. But creating lists based on insights you’ve gathered, and crafting content specifically catered to people on your lists can yield great results. And with the added touch of personalization, the odds that your message gets across to your target audience increases dramatically.


Let’s say for instance that you receive a pair of postcards in the mail from two local heating and cooling companies. Which would you be more likely to call when your AC unit goes down? One that has generic messaging without any references to where you live or the services that are offered. Or the company that provided references to temps heating up in your neighborhood, along with a list of services they’ve been offering to residents in your zip code for decades? Most people would jump at the latter, and that’s because it instills confidence that the company can get the job done which is a feeling that every marketer hopes to convey.


Segment Your Audiences

Marketers benefit from segmentation in a variety of ways. Let’s refer back to our earlier example of engaging dormant leads. With Direct Mail Manager’s segmentation abilities, you can take a list of dormant leads and customers and break it down into different segments with each segment receiving a unique message or offer. For example, you can upload a list of dormant customers and segment them based on the products they last ordered. 


In this scenario, each segment would receive a different mailer offering a discount based on the last item they ordered. People who ordered a t-shirt would receive a postcard extending an offer for 10% off on their next order including a t-shirt. The same would go for people who ordered a hoodie last, then a pair of pants and so on and so forth. With Direct Mail Manager’s variable printing abilities, you can even provide different segments with different postcard designs, based on the offer you’re extending. This, combined with a personalized message has the potential to grab the attention of your target audience in a way your other marketing efforts don’t.

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Ensure That Your Data is Up to Date

Failing to go through your customer data with a fine-toothed comb has the potential to completely sink a well-constructed direct mail campaign. If you fail to double-check to make sure that your customer data is accurate, you might wind up pouring your marketing dollars right down the drain. There are numerous ways inaccurate data can harm your direct mail campaign. One of the most common is having inaccurate address information on file.


Fortunately, you can easily avoid sending direct mail to the wrong address by relying on a direct mail automation platform with automatic address verification. Once you upload your mailing list into Direct Mail Manager, it can validate addresses prior to sending which helps reduce the odds of sending direct mail to the wrong address. If Direct Mail Manager is unable to validate any of your addresses, you’ll be able to quickly find out why, allowing you to correct the error before your mail gets sent. And with real-time mail-tracking you can easily find out when your mail has been delivered.


Upload Your First List and Execute Your Next Campaign With Direct Mail Manager

Constructing a mailing list that delivers the results you’re hoping to achieve is easier said than done. But now that you have the insights necessary for building your next mailing list, you’re that much closer to executing a winning direct mail campaign. Once you’re finished constructing your mailing list, create a free Direct Mail Manager account and upload it. If you have any questions about getting up and running with your Direct Mail Manager account don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re eager to help you begin leveraging the power of direct mail!