What Role Does Direct Mail Play in Helping Gyms & Fitness Centers Boost New-Year Memberships?

As the year draws to a close, it’s a safe assumption that you’ll soon begin seeing  people everywhere cite prioritizing fitness as a new year’s resolution. That makes the top of the year the perfect time to begin leveraging direct mail automation. Underestimating the impact of a memorable direct mail campaign is one of the biggest mistakes that you could make. If you’re skeptical about the potential of direct mail, continue reading. You’ll understand why so many gyms and fitness centers rely on direct mail in no time!

By Allowing You to Earn Trust by Showcasing Your Expertise

Earning trust is one of the most vital aspects of earning more new members. And direct mail is one of the most effective resources available for helping you do just that. The first reason is because unlike digital marketing, many people grew up with direct mail advertising. Your audience’s familiarity with direct mail could make recipients more receptive to a postcard than other marketing methods you may use. 


One of the best ways to earn the trust of your audience through the mailbox is by providing fitness facts and tips that recipients otherwise wouldn’t know about. Doing so puts your expertise on display for recipients of your mailer that may have been on the fence about working out at your gym or fitness center. And receiving free fitness advice could be what gets the recipient of your mailer to give your gym a try. After all, most people will require some sort of nudge to take the first step towards physical fitness – and that could be a mailer with helpful hints!

Keeping Audiences Informed Regarding Gym Services

Another obstacle that often prevents people from joining a new gym is a lack of understanding when it comes to services and equipment available. People may be assuming that your gym may not have certain machines or programs that are capable of helping them achieve their fitness goals. A postcard that details the equipment you have at your disposal has the potential to make attracting new members easier than you think. For instance, let’s say that you send a postcard to someone in your community who has been considering a home gym setup.


Showcasing the state-of-the-art workout equipment could get that person thinking about how much more effective working out at your gym would be rather than sticking to home workouts. Along with the equipment gym members have access to, other amenities that are worth informing recipients about include:


  • Rest and Recovery services
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Plans
  • On-Site storage & showers
  • Group Training Sessions


Gyms and fitness centers often provide members with a multitude of benefits. By sending direct mail that educates recipients about these features, you may be able to convince recipients to become members.

By Simplifying the Process of Designing Eye-Catching Postcards

Design is among the most pivotal aspects of your campaign. Fortunately, for people that are new to design, programs like Direct Mail Manager provide multiple solutions that are capable of simplifying the process. The first is a library of direct mail templates that you can use to gather inspiration for your next campaign. Or you can download your favorite one and use it for yourself! 


Another resource that takes some of the heavy lifting out of designing direct mail is our pre-flight design tool. It goes without saying that there are a variety of errors that you could make while designing a postcard. The pre-flight design tool captures errors, like bad color spacing, or having information outside of the safe area for you, so you don’t waste your money sending a poorly-designed mailer. And if you’re still not ready to design your own mailer, a Pro Direct Mail Manager membership gives you access to our world-class design team. Remember, we’re always happy to help!


example of direct mail for gyms


Direct Mail Allows You to Benefit From An Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Assuming that your audience only responds to marketing from one specific channel is a particularly costly error. Because the reality is that your audience consumes marketing messages from all types of mediums. An omnichannel marketing strategy allows you to communicate your message using multiple channels that your audience relies on. Sending direct mail as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy means members of your community who aren’t active online are still aware of everything your gym has to offer. 


If your marketing efforts are exclusively focused on the web, you could be failing to properly communicate with offline community members. And that could result in less-than-stellar results on your upcoming campaigns. Combining direct mail with a digital marketing strategy is easier than you think, too. Leveraging an omnichannel marketing strategy during the new year could potentially make it your best yet.

Let Direct Mail Manager Help You Make Next Year Your Best Year Ever!

Making direct mail a staple of your marketing strategy could be exactly what it takes to get your gym filled with new members. Gyms and fitness centers throughout the nation leverage direct mail automation to help people in their communities achieve their fitness goals. Ready for yours to be next? If so, sign up for a free or Pro Direct Mail Manager account today and upload your first list. Then, you’ll be well on your way to exceeding your membership goals. The new year will be here before you know it, so don’t delay!