Features That Make Direct Mail Automation Software a Necessity

Getting started on your first direct mail campaign from scratch can be intimidating. If your mind is racing, thinking about everything that could potentially go wrong upon pressing send on your first direct mail campaign, then you’re in the right place. The process of easing your worries regarding your first direct mail campaign starts with developing an understanding of the biggest resource available. 


That resource is direct mail automation software. This technology possesses a variety of features that are capable of making your campaigns as effective as possible, allowing you to put your concerns to rest. Some of the reasons why direct mail automation software is a must-have if you’re new to direct mail include:

Direct Mail Automation Software Makes Audience Segmentation Easy

Providing your audience with the right message at the right time is the key to getting the results you want from any of your marketing efforts. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your offer or message is if it doesn’t get received by the right person. That’s why direct mail automation platforms like Direct Mail Manager allow users to build and save segments after uploading your mailing lists. This makes the process of providing your audience with relevant, timely information a breeze.


You can use direct mail to communicate more messages to your core audience than you can imagine, including sales, low inventory, new hours and more. Since mailboxes aren’t as crowded as email inboxes or other digital channels, the odds of your audience engaging with your messaging are increased. All it takes is properly segmenting your lists so that the correct audience receives the right postcard or letter, which you can easily do with Direct Mail Manager.

Personalizing Your Direct Mail Campaigns is Simple With Direct Mail Automation Software

Everyone enjoys feeling special. That’s why personalizing your outreach instead of using generic phrasing can go a long way. Think about it this way, which is more likely to catch your attention, an email addressed to “our valued customers”, or a postcard personally addressed to you, saying “We haven’t seen you in a while, *insert first name here*”? The choice is clear. By emphasizing personalization within your marketing efforts, you’re doing exactly what it takes to differentiate your brand from the crowd.


If you’re under the impression that personalizing your direct mail campaigns means hand-writing the names of recipients onto your postcards, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Direct mail automation software like Direct Mail Manager leverages fully variable printing to personalize direct mail by a variety of categories. Some of the ways you can personalize your postcards include by name, products, custom URLs and more. Any of the data contained in the lists that you upload can be used to make your postcards and letters more personal.

Direct Mail Automation Software Reduces Waste By Seamlessly Validating Addresses

Let’s say that you think you’ve done everything right prior to pressing send on your first direct mail campaign. So a few days pass by, then instead of receiving an influx of traffic from your direct mail campaign you instead get a heap of returned mail. While this may initially be enough to make you want to rip your hair out and avoid mailing unless absolutely necessary, direct mail automation software can be instrumental in preventing this scenario. That’s because platforms like Direct Mail Manager are capable of validating up to 160 million USPS addresses, along with more than 15 million non postal addresses.


Direct Mail Manager’s process for validating addresses is fully automated, too. Having the ability to confirm the accuracy of mailing addresses shouldn’t be taken for granted considering the impact it can have on helping you keep postage and material costs down. Address verification can also serve as a way to correct errors that you may not have caught otherwise, like a digit in a zip code being incorrect. The potential for wasting valuable time and money is a valid concern that the right direct mail automation software can easily help you overcome.

Direct Mail Automation Software

Integrating Additional Marketing Resources Into Your Direct Mail Campaign is Simple With Direct Mail Automation Software

Starting a direct mail campaign doesn’t mean it’s time to take your foot off of the gas pedal when it comes to other marketing initiatives you benefit from. In fact, the truth is quite the contrary. Marketers tend to see the best results from direct mail campaigns when they’re combined with other marketing initiatives to create an omnichannel marketing strategy. For instance, let’s say you’re currently running paid search ads. As part of the campaign, you can include verbiage that says anyone who provides their contact information will receive a postcard that contains a QR code that provides them with a small discount on their first order.


This would provide you with the data you’re after, along with an opportunity to push them further down your sales funnel. Not to mention that an eye-catching postcard has the potential to make your brand stand out from competitors. Additionally, using direct mail to create an omnichannel marketing strategy increases your chances of connecting with your target audience.

Direct Mail Automation Software Takes The Heavy Lifting Out of Sending Direct Mail

One reason why marketers likely avoid sending direct mail is because of the work that goes into executing a successful direct mail campaign. If you’ve never done one before, conducting a direct mail campaign may seem like a ton of work. That presumption isn’t entirely false, but direct mail automation software like Direct Mail Manager eliminates much of the tedious work involved in executing your campaign. Here’s how:


  • By Making Your Design Easy to Upload: Ensuring that your artwork is ready for printing is one of the most essential aspects of your direct mail campaign. By allowing you to upload artwork at the click of a button, and by quickly alerting you about any issues regarding your art, Direct Mail Manager does what it takes to ensure that your materials look professional and clear prior to being sent.



  • By Walking You Through the Process of Setting Up Your Direct Mail Campaign: The process of setting up your first direct mail campaign can be both confusing and overwhelming. That’s especially the case if you’ve never done it before. That’s why Direct Mail Manager has a simple six-step process in place to help guide you along the process of sending your first direct mail campaign without a hitch.



  • By Allowing You to Seamlessly Upload Mailing Lists: Uploading your mailing list into Direct Mail Manager takes seconds, and once you do, receiving details about the accuracy of the addresses on the list is as easy as checking the color code next to the address. Additionally, segmenting those lists based on different criteria like location is also possible.



  • By Giving You the Opportunity to Send Trigger-Based Mail: Let’s say you need a way to get visitors re-engaged with your website after looking at a product recently. Since Direct Mail Manager has the ability to work with platforms like Salesforce and Shopify, using postcards to catch the attention of members of your audience who haven’t engaged with your marketing in a while is an approach you could try taking that could pay dividends.


Get Your Next Direct Mail Campaign Started Using Direct Mail Manager Today!

There’s no time like the present to get your next direct mail campaign off the ground. At Direct Mail Manager we’re more than happy to do our part to help make direct mail a fixture of your marketing strategy. If you’re ready to begin using direct mail automation software capable of helping you get the results you desire from your marketing efforts, sign up for a free account with Direct Mail Manager today. Considering the impact direct mail automation software could have on your marketing results, you’ll be more than glad you did!