3 Ways to Leverage First-Party Data to Create More Engaging Campaigns

Wise marketers are always seeking ways to make campaigns more engaging for audiences. When it comes to resources that are capable of making your mailing campaigns more likely to generate the responses you’re hoping for, first-party data is right at the top of the list. While your competitors are busy inundating audiences with “one-size-fits-all” marketing materials, you can leverage first party data to create mailers based on information recipients have shared with you. There are a variety of ways leveraging first-party data can help contribute to more engaging direct mail campaigns, including:

Send Product Updates Based on Previous Purchases

You can’t overstate the value of keeping audiences abreast of your inventory. Doing so has the potential to get audiences thinking about making a purchase when they originally had no intentions of doing so. Here are a few ways you can use your first-party data to create mailers that offer audiences relevant product updates:

  • Running Low

    If inventory on an item that a recipient has ordered in the past is running low, communicating that could lead to more new purchases. After all, the power of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is undeniable. The prospect of not being able to purchase a particular item for a stretch of time could motivate recipients enough to take action.

  • Just Restocked

    On the other hand, informing your audience when a particular item they’ve purchased previously has been restocked can also motivate recipients enough to act. Imagine hoping to purchase a pair of running shoes similar to another pair you purchased years ago that need to be replaced. The only problem is you check the retailers website, only to find the shoes you want are out of stock. These are the types of situations you can help your audience avoid by sending postcards alerting audiences when items they’ve purchased previously have been restocked.

  • New or Updated Version Released

    Don’t keep your audience in the dark when it comes to exciting changes occurring with products they’ve purchased previously. Sending postcards alerting audiences about upgrades or new versions of products they once bought could be exactly what it takes to reignite their interest in your brand. Imagine owning a landscaping service that is in the process of starting to provide winter services. Sending postcards alerting previous customers about this new service could result in new appointments being scheduled by people you haven’t heard from in a while.


Provide Personalized Postcards on Holidays & Anniversaries

Reaching out to your audience to show appreciation can have a bigger impact than you might think. That’s especially true when done at the right time, like on birthdays or during the holidays. By leveraging first-party data to provide personalized outreach during the special moments in the lives of your audience, you allow your brand to stand out head and shoulders above the crowd. Let’s say it’s the holidays, and someone on your mailing list receives mailers from all types of businesses hoping to separate them from their dollar.


But one day they open their mailbox and find a personalized Season’s Greetings postcard along with a few product suggestions and a discount code. The postcard also wishes the recipient a happy and healthy new year. It’s fair to assume that this particular recipient would be more likely to do their Christmas shopping with that retailer as opposed to the retailers sending the same generalized mailers that everyone else in the neighborhood received. This type of outreach leaves a lasting impression that could yield dividends for months and years to come.

Offer Suggestions Based on Behavior of Similar Customers

The buying patterns your customers display is among the most useful examples of first-party data out there. You can gather an abundance of information from the shopping habits of your customers. One of the biggest mistakes you could make is failing to leverage these behaviors to make suggestions for customers with similar patterns. And leveraging these behaviors to create direct mail campaigns that are more engaging is easier than you think.

Electronics retailers could craft mailing lists of customers who recently purchased new televisions or computers. This would allow them to send postcards to those customers containing information about sound systems that other customers purchased afterwards. And with a direct mail API that can be easily integrated with a variety of CRM programs, executing a campaign like this is easier than you can imagine. Providing recipients on your mailing list with this type of relevant information, at the right time is essential for generating the engagement you’re hoping for in your next campaign.


Start Leveraging Your First Party Data With Direct Mail Manager!

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