How To Use First Party Data to Maximize Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

What is First Party Data?

First party data is the information you collect about customers, directly from customers. Brands that successfully collect first party data own the data they gather, which means they’re free to leverage it however they see fit within their marketing efforts. Brands that rely on first party data as opposed to data gained through partnerships or from third parties are able to use that information in a variety of constructive ways. For more details about the benefits of first party data collection, continue reading.

Benefits of Leveraging First Party Data In Holiday Marketing Efforts:

There are a variety of ways proper usage of first party data can contribute to your bottom line during the holidays. Understanding the benefits of knowing how to use first party data could present more opportunities for you to successfully reach your target audience than you think. The biggest reasons you should begin leveraging first party data in your marketing efforts this holiday season include the following reasons:

First Party Data Allows You to Leverage Personalization to Make Your Messaging Stand Apart From the Crowd

Failing to make your marketing messaging feel personal, is one of the biggest mistakes marketers make during this time of year. One of the reasons why personalization is especially important during the holidays is because prospects are constantly being served with advertising and marketing messaging right now. 


By using the first party data you’ve collected during the year to customize your messaging to directly address your prospects, your messaging has a higher likelihood of being received. Since the holidays are so busy, your competitors may be less likely to make personalization a point of emphasis in their marketing efforts. That means using your first party data to make your marketing messaging more personal could be what it takes to catch the attention of your prospects this holiday season.


First Party Data Gives You A Better Understanding Of What Your Prospects Like About Your Brand

Since first party data encompasses so much, it reveals insights that you may not have previously had access to. One of the biggest challenges brands face is figuring out what customers like most about a brand. Theoretically, figuring out the answer to this question should make the process of converting prospects into new customers much faster and easier.


Since first party data includes details like click-through rates and time spent looking at product pages, you’re able to get an accurate idea of what prospects might be interested in. These insights could be instrumental in helping to get prospects to convert into loyal customers.

Collecting and Leveraging First Party Data During the Holidays Allows You to Re-engage Lapsed Leads When it Matters Most

Figuring out how to reconnect with contacts that haven’t engaged with your brand in a while is one of the biggest challenges marketers face. First party data can be essential in helping you execute strategic campaigns centered on getting lapsed leads to begin engaging with you again. By collecting first party data throughout the year, there are numerous ways you can reconnect with them. 


For example, you could maximize your first party data by sending product announcements that they might be interested in. Another way is by simply offering a nominal discount on products they’ve looked at or purchased in the past. Basically, the collection of first party data throughout the year lends itself to a variety of creative ways you could potentially re-engage prospects.

Tips for Using Direct Mail to Maximize Your First Party Data

One way to get the most out of your first party data this holiday season is to make sure that direct mail is a part of your marketing strategy. Doing so will allow your marketing messaging to stand out in multiple ways. Not only will the use of first party data allow your postcards or letters to be more personalized, it will also increase the likelihood of prospects responding to your marketing since direct mail isn’t as oversaturated as channels like email or social media. Some suggestions for using first party data within your holiday direct mail campaigns are:

Send Postcards to Thank Your Customers for Shopping With You in 2022

Time can go by so quickly that sometimes you can fail to take a moment to appreciate the people who have contributed to your success during the year. One of the best ways to do that is to use first party data with direct mail automation to easily send postcards to your past customers to thank them for their business during the past year.


Another idea is to send postcards to prospects thanking them for their interest, while you hope they purchase from you in the new year. Doing so is a great way to use your first party data to make a lasting impression on your target audience that could result in getting them to take action.

Make Personalized Product Recommendations to Assist With Gift Giving During The Holidays

Properly using first party data during the holidays can help you while helping your customers as well. While gift giving is enjoyable to some, it can be quite a chore for others. That’s why making product recommendations based on previous behavior could be exactly what it takes to help prospects make purchases. Let’s say for example, you have a prospect that has made multiple visits to a specific product page, or they’ve spent a specific amount of time looking at a certain product. 


Using direct mail automation, you can send that prospect a postcard with a unique code that encourages them to buy the product they’ve been looking at for a loved one for Christmas. This type of holiday outreach has the potential to turn prospects into customers that remain loyal to your brand for years to come.

Nudge Your Tirekickers and Prospects With Abandoned Carts to Complete Purchases Ahead of the Holiday Rush

Procrastination has the potential to ruin the holiday season for many of your prospects and customers. Fortunately, marketers that leverage direct mail, in conjunction with first party data are well positioned to help decrease procrastination by sending reminders for prospects to finish purchasing presents before it’s too late. 


By relying on Direct Mail Manager to automate your direct mail campaigns, you can seamlessly send postcards to prospects with abandoned carts since it integrates with numerous marketing and ecommerce platforms. Doing so could be what it takes to save the holiday season for the procrastinators among your prospect list.

Use Direct Mail Manager to Maximize Your First Party Data Within Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

Making direct mail marketing a fixture of your holiday marketing efforts is simple. The benefits of doing so are undeniable, too. Making this holiday season your best yet, and getting on the path to a successful new year means maximizing every marketing channel available to you, including direct mail. By scheduling a demo with Direct Mail Manager you can learn more about maximizing your first party data. This could be exactly what it takes to put you on the fast track to success during the holiday season and well into the new year.