5 Ways Automation Can Enhance Political Direct Mail Campaigns

Political season will be in full swing before you know it. And while your competition focuses on advertising their campaigns via television or emails, you can capture the attention of future voters through their mailboxes. A well-executed political direct mail campaign could be exactly what it takes to edge out your competition. Here are a few reasons why direct mail automation is a necessity for your next political campaign:

Automation Helps Enhance Your Mailing Cadence

Timing is everything when it comes to successfully spreading the word regarding your upcoming election. Without the ability to track your mailing cadence, your messages may not seem coherent to recipients. That’s the risk of mailing either too frequently, or not often enough. But resources like mail tracking, which comes with Direct Mail Manager you can easily track the arrival of your mailers. 


This insight allows you to provide timely, relevant updates to your audience throughout campaign season. The ability to time your automated direct mail campaigns can aid your election efforts in numerous ways. Increasing donations to your campaign, communicating important deadlines and reminding voters about where you stand on important issues is easier than ever with mail tracking. That’s because the mail tracking insights offered by Direct Mail Manager makes your audience with the right message at the right time simple.

You Can Use Automation to Personalize Your Direct Mail

Direct mail that has been personally addressed to recipients can have a bigger impact on the final results of your campaign than you may think. Fortunately, with variable data printing, personalizing your direct mail couldn’t be easier. These capabilities allow you to personalize your mail piece based on a variety of data points, including name, age, location and more. You can personalize your direct mail using whatever information you have on hand regarding your audience. The impact this could make on your campaigning efforts is undeniable. 


During the heat of campaigning season, imagine receiving postcards from two rival candidates. One of the postcards references the city you live in multiple times, while addressing you by name. If the other mailer fails to use your name while addressing you, it’s fair to assume that it probably won’t do that great of a job at capturing your attention. And if that’s the case, that mailer probably won’t do much to convince recipients to vote for you. Going the extra mile to personalize your direct mail campaign, which could make the difference between victory and defeat, is simple with the use of variable data printing from Direct Mail Manager.

Direct Mail Automation Allows You to Avoid Mailing to Inaccurate Addresses

Wasting your money by sending mail to inaccurate addresses is one of the worst mistakes you could make. Doing so is easier than you think, too. When submitting your mailing lists, it’s usually tough to tell when there are errors with accuracy. But failing to check addresses on your mailing lists for accuracy typically results in wasted money. 


To help you avoid wasting your money, Direct Mail Manager validates each address on your mailing list prior to sending. If any addresses on your mailing list are inaccurate, you’ll be notified before your mail actually sends, allowing you to make the appropriate corrections. Without this capability, there’s no telling how many empty mailboxes you could be sending your postcards to.

You Can Avoid Common Design Mistakes With Direct Mail Automation

Another aspect of political direct mail campaigns that can easily result in errors is design. That’s why Direct Mail Manager provides users with resources capable of making your design process smoother, like the pre-flight design tool. Some of the ways it helps simplify the design process include:


  • Front or Back

    Believe it or not, marketers fail to indicate whether artwork is meant for the front or back of a mailer pretty frequently. When uploading your artwork to Direct Mail Manager, users can quickly and easily make sure each side of your mailer has the correct artwork.


  • Safe Area

    Another common political direct mail design mistake is including crucial information outside of the safe area. The safe area includes everything that will be printed and displayed on your mailer. The pre-flight design tool includes a green outline that helps users avoid including text outside of the safe area.


  • Color Errors

    Uploading your artwork in the wrong color format is another common design mistake. The most common formats include RGB (Red, Blue, Green) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Key,) Since RGB is primarily used for digital displays, Direct Mail Manager requires users to upload artwork in CMYK format. When using the pre-flight design tool, you’ll receive a warning message whenever a color error occurs.

Automating Political Direct Mail Campaigns Allows You To Focus on Other Campaign-Related Tasks

You don’t need another reminder about how many tasks are associated with winning a political campaign. But what you do need is a proven resource for alleviating some of your responsibilities. When it comes to sending campaign-related direct mail, a direct mail automation platform is essential to saving time without sacrificing results. By automating your direct mail campaigns, you can spend more time motivating staffers and speaking directly with voters.


Without a platform for automating your direct mail campaigns, you’ll be left doing the heavy lifting associated with it alone. That means double-checking mailing lists, special trips to the post office, along with personally stamping and addressing all of your mail. By properly leveraging direct mail automation you can reap all the benefits of direct mail in just a fraction of the time it takes to manually send political mailers.

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