6 Direct Mail Best Practices For Holiday Success

It’s impossible to overstate the importance the holiday season has on your bottom line. That’s why pulling out all the stops in order to capture the attention of your target audience during this pivotal time of year. One of the most effective ways to make your marketing message stand out during a time where your prospects will be inundated with advertising is to use communication channels that aren’t too crowded.

That’s where automated direct mail marketing campaigns come in handy. Prior to moving forward with a direct mail campaign, it’s important to have an understanding of direct mail best practices, first.

1. Use Direct Mail Automation Programs That Allow You to Import Your Own Lists

One way to get the most out of direct mail marketing is by using it to speak to the customers and prospects you already talk to. Using a direct mail automation program that allows you to seamlessly upload the lists you already have to communicate allows you to keep ongoing conversations going.

Not being able to easily upload your lists means you’ll likely have to reintroduce yourself to an audience that may not care about your message. Executing direct mail campaigns with Direct Mail Manager allows users to segment lists after quickly uploading them, too.

2. Verify Addresses Prior to Sending to Reduce Waste

Another step marketers should take to maximize the effectiveness of holiday direct mail campaigns is making sure your mail is arriving at the correct destination. That’s why when you execute a direct mail campaign, making sure that your mailing list is error-free should be a top priority. Direct Mail Manager makes address verification simple by automatically validating them prior to sending any of your postcards or letters. This is instrumental in helping you keep your costs low so you still have flexibility to invest in other marketing initiatives.

3. Use Omnichannel Marketing Strategies to Combine Your Direct Mail Campaign With Other Marketing Efforts

One of the biggest mistakes any marketer can make is relying too heavily on any single marketing method. That’s why the ones who see the most success from direct mail are those who combine their other marketing initiatives with their direct mail efforts. Combining your direct mail efforts with initiatives provides you with even more exposure to your brand and services. Additionally, combining direct mail with other marketing initiatives increases the likelihood of your leads taking a specific action. Whether it’s visiting your website or completing a purchase.

4. Include a Clear Call to Action in Your Postcard or Letter

One of the biggest direct mail marketing mistakes that is made is failing to clearly instruct readers on what to do upon receiving the postcard or letter. Failing to do so is likely to result in consumers not understanding the purpose of your postcard or letter. That may lead to your mail being thrown away faster than you intended. Keeping the messaging in your postcards and letters clear and to the point allows readers to quickly and easily understand the action you want them to take.

5. Prioritize Personalization in Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Another direct mail best practice to keep in mind for your holiday season marketing campaigns is to personalize your postcards and letters. During this time of year, consumers are constantly being targeted with ads that may or may not resonate with them.

By addressing your prospects personally, it’s easier for you to catch their attention which is no easy task during the holidays. Direct Mail Manager has the ability to quickly and easily take contact names, product info and discount codes and insert them into your postcards and letters. This can be instrumental in capturing and keeping the attention of your target audience throughout the holidays.

6. Use Direct Mail to Follow Up Once the Holidays are Over

Taking the opportunity to follow up with your prospects and customers after the holidays is a great way to build an ongoing rapport with them. That’s especially the case since most other brands will have chosen to scale back their marketing efforts after the holidays. Sending a postcard or a letter with a simple “thank you” or “hope you enjoyed” message can go a long way. Fortunately, Direct Mail Manager makes sending follow-up communications using direct mail simple.

Start Using These Direct Mail Best Practices Today With Direct Mail Manager

Exercising direct mail best practices using automation is easier than you think. By relying on Direct Mail Manager for your direct mail marketing campaigns, maximizing the potential of direct mail couldn’t be easier. Making direct mail automation a fixture of your marketing strategy is simple, too. If you’re ready to get started with your direct mail marketing campaign during the holidays, ahead of the new year, schedule a free demo with Direct Mail Manager Today!