6 Ways a Direct Mail API Can Increase Repeat Business for Landscaping Companies

As any landscaper knows, you can’t get the results you need unless you have the proper tools for the job. When it comes to perfecting a landscaping job, you wouldn’t show up without your lawn mower and trimmers. The same goes for your marketing strategy. You’ll never get the results you need unless you have the appropriate tools in place. And that’s where a proven Direct Mail API enters the picture. Some of  the ways a direct mail API can enhance your marketing strategy include:

Landscaping Companies Can Use a Direct Mail API to Personalize Communications

It’s no secret that personalized marketing materials leave a better impression than generic ones. Imagine receiving a postcard from a local landscaping company that features a picture of a nearby home with a well-manicured front lawn, along with a message asking if you’d like for your lawn to look like this. But you also receive a postcard from a competitor that same day lacking photos, and it addresses you as “Dear Neighbor”. In this case, it’s fair to assume that the first postcard would stand out head and shoulders above the latter.


Underestimating the impact of personalization within your marketing is among the biggest mistakes you could make. That’s because your audience is becoming increasingly accustomed to being catered to within the marketing messages they receive from brands. With that in mind, leveraging more personalization within your marketing is a great way to ensure that your marketing is on pace with that of your larger competitors.

A Direct Mail API Helps Save Time and Reduce Waste

For people that are new to direct mail campaigns, a myriad of outdated misconceptions likely come to mind whenever direct mail is mentioned. A few of the most common objections to direct mail revolve around how costly, and time consuming mailing campaigns can be. A few reasons why a direct mail API can help you overcome these obstacles include:

  • Address Validation:

    Sending mail to a vacant mailbox is equivalent to setting your marketing budget on fire. In order to avoid this, Direct Mail Manager allows users to validate the addresses on their mailing lists against more than 160 million USPS addresses, and 15 million non postal addresses.

  • Multiple CRM Integrations:

    The ability to integrate your CRM with Direct Mail Manager takes much of the heavy lifting out of executing your direct mail campaigns. The ability to integrate Direct Mail Manager allows you to send direct mail once specific actions have been taken, allowing you to spend more time focusing on other daily responsibilities.

  • Easy List Management & Segmentation:

    Making sure that your mailing list contains the right contacts is a must. That’s why Direct Mail Manager provides users with the ability to ensure that mailing lists are error-free before your mail goes out. And with the platform’s segmentation capabilities, you can easily craft specific messages catered towards specific members of your audience based.

direct mail api for landscaping companies

A Direct Mail API Helps Landscaping Businesses Remain in Touch With Lost Customers

Considering how many customers you service throughout the year, keeping in touch with everyone that you’ve provided landscaping services for is easier said than done. But failure to stay in touch with those customers you only hear from once or twice a year presents the opportunity for them to request landscaping service from a competitor. Leveraging a direct mail API that allows you to stay in contact with customers that you haven’t heard from in a while can have a bigger impact than you might think. Let’s say for example that you’re operating your landscaping business year-round.


And after performing snow removal work at a new client’s home, they seemed satisfied with your work. But after a few months, once the weather begins to break and you begin gaining appointments for landscaping work, your snow removal client fails to schedule a lawn care touch up. In this case, automated direct mail is an ideal solution. That’s because you can use triggered sends to automatically send a follow-up postcard once a customer has been inactive after a certain period of time. This allows you to stay connected with your clientele without having to take too much time away from your daily responsibilities.

You Can Use a Direct Mail API to Develop an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Making the mistake of believing that your audience only pays attention to one particular medium is common, but costly. The reality is that your audience consumes marketing messages from a variety of channels. And using multiple channels to amplify your marketing is known as developing an omnichannel strategy – implementing one can yield significant results, too. There are a variety of ways a direct mail API can enhance your omnichannel marketing strategy.


For instance, you could include user generated content on your postcards, like social media photos and comments. Another example is to drive recipients of your postcard onto your booking site.

A Direct Mail API Allows You to Track and Refine Your Marketing Cadence

Going overboard with your marketing and communications has the potential to turn away leads who may have been interested in using your services one day. But without a resource for tracking response times to your marketing messaging, you’ll never be able to time up your marketing cadence appropriately. Fortunately, Direct Mail Manager makes tracking the status of your mailers simple. And having access to these insights enables you to avoid getting in touch with leads that haven’t had time to read your mailer yet.


The ability to time your marketing cadence appropriately is essential to keeping audiences interested in what you have to say. Blindly inundating your audience with your marketing material could give the impression that your landscaping business is unorganized, and that could turn potentially interested recipients away. Providing audiences with well-timed, personalized marketing materials enables you to quickly differentiate your brand.

You Can Use a Direct Mail API to Design and Send Your Campaigns

Another common hurdle that prevents lots of people from sending direct mail is design. A few ways Direct Mail Manager can help you overcome design obstacles include:


  • Templates:


Coming up with a design for a direct mail campaign from scratch is no easy task. And having a solid place to start from can make a world of difference. That’s why Direct Mail Manager allows you to leverage a library of free direct mail templates to get your campaign off the ground.

  • Pre Flight Design Tool:

Committing design mistakes that ruin your brand’s reputation could render all of your hard work pointless. And once your reputation has taken a hit, recovering can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together a pre-flight design tool that captures a variety of errors and allows you to correct them before your mail gets sent.


  • Free Creative From DMM for Pro Users:

Perhaps you don’t have the time to design your direct mail campaign on your own, and you don’t have the resources to hire a designer. In that case, becoming a Pro Direct Mail Manager user is just what the doctor ordered. That’s because Pro Direct Mail Manager users have access to our team of skilled, proven graphic designers.

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