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Benefits of Using Direct Mail Manager’s Online Design Tool for Creating Your Next Campaign

You can never have too much help when it comes to designing your next campaign. And when that assistance comes at no extra cost, that’s even better! Taking this into consideration, the Direct Mail Manager team has been hard at work creating a new tool that goes further than ever to ease the process of designing your next mail campaign. Continue reading below to find out how we’ve reinvented the process of direct mail design.

Include Images From Our Free Image Library

One of the biggest hurdles preventing marketers from designing the perfect campaign is the lack of photos. Fortunately, Direct Mail Manager’s new design tool allows you to leverage a library of complimentary, high-quality images that work in a wide range of situations. Let’s say you’re designing a marketing campaign to inform your community about the new dental practice you’re opening up. In this case, since patients are hard to come by in the early days, you could leverage our free image library to include stock images of patients attending the dentist.


This allows you to begin mailing right away, while including images capable of putting the minds of apprehensive recipients at ease. Without this design tool, you would be left spending significant amounts of money sourcing images until you finally secured enough patients willing to be photographed. Our design tool provides you with everything you need to get your postcards into the mailstream without the need for any outside resources.

Reduce Costs While Saving Time

The thought of spending hours designing a postcard that generates responses is enough to send lots of marketers running for the hills. And to add insult to injury, you also begin thinking about how costly outsourcing design help could be. These thoughts are typically the biggest culprits preventing people from harnessing the power of direct mail. Here’s how Direct Mail Manager’s design tool is capable of eliminating these concerns entirely:

  • Easily Save and Clone Designs:

    Let’s say you come up with a design that exceeds your expectations for your campaign. In this case, the last thing you’d want to do is reinvent the wheel. That’s why our design tool enables you to save your favorite designs to your account, so you can make slight edits and tweaks for future campaigns.


  • Built-in Text Editor with Custom Fonts:

    If your style guide dictates that your marketing material entails specific fonts, we’ve got you covered. That’s because our design tool provides users with a variety of custom fonts, along with the ability to edit your text directly within your postcard. Essentially, entering your text is just as simple as it would be on Microsoft Word.


  • Frictionless HTML Code Generation:

    Dealing with HTML Code can be intimidating. But HTML is a necessity for leveraging merge fields that add personalization to your mailing campaigns. Fortunately, our design tool removes it from your plate.

designer team creating assets for a mailing campaign

Drive Audiences Towards Your Digital Presence With QR Codes

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is failing to integrate your mailing campaign with the rest of your marketing initiatives. After all, your audience needs to take in your message multiple times before it sticks. That’s why including a QR code that drives recipients onto your website could deliver better campaign results than you could have ever hoped for. And Direct Mail Manager’s new design tool makes adding a QR code onto your postcard as easy as 1-2-3.


Along with enabling you to integrate your online and offline marketing strategies, QR codes can go a long way in enticing recipients to take a particular action. Imagine receiving a postcard in the mailbox from your favorite retailer. And once you flip it over, you see a QR code offering a discount on a new purchase since they haven’t seen you in a while. This persuades you to place an order when you probably wouldn’t have ordinarily. Including QR codes into your next postcard campaign could be exactly what it takes to get the results you’re hoping for.

Personalize Artwork with Variable Data Printing and Google Street View

Nowadays, providing audiences with personalization is a must. That’s why the success of your mailing campaign relies on a program that provides recipients with a method for customizing artwork based on a recipient’s details. And Direct Mail Manager’s brand new design tool makes the process of including specific details from recipients simple with the use of variable data printing and images. This capability differentiates your postcards from the ones competitors are sending because they feature products recipients have shown interest in, or by including personal information like a name, hometown or birthday.

And Direct Mail Manager’s Google Street View integration, allows marketers to take personalization to the next level. That’s because this integration enables you to include a photo of any specific address of your choosing. That means a realtor can include a real image of a neighborhood home they just sold, or for a landscaper to showcase the great work they’re capable of doing for new clients.Truly, our new design tool provides you with all the resources necessary for conducting campaigns that blow your expectations out of the water. 

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Now that our design tool has launched, the ball is in your court to achieve your direct mail goals. But make no mistake about the fact that we are here to help guide you throughout every step of the process. If you’re in need of assistance getting up and running with the new design tool, or your DMM account in general, we’re not hard to find. To get the help you need, sign up for a free demo today. Otherwise, you can sign up for a Pro or Free account today and upload your first list. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to exceeding your direct mail goals!