Everything You Need to Know About Sending HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail

Medical professionals stand to benefit immensely from the use of a proven direct mail automation platform. But when sending direct mail related to patient information, prioritizing the protection of  patient information is a must. That’s why you can’t underestimate the importance of remaining HIPAA compliant when communicating patient information. Failing to keep the information of your patients safe can drastically hurt your reputation, hence the importance of HIPAA compliance. 

Fortunately, Direct Mail Manager makes sending HIPAA compliant direct mail easy as can be. We’ll explain how, along with more insights about the levels of HIPAA compliance below.

Details About Types of HIPAA Compliance

There are varying levels of HIPAA compliance medical entities should be aware of. Abiding by these guidelines is essential to protecting the data of your patients and maintaining their trust. Here are the key HIPAA compliance levels you need to remember for your medical communications:

  • Privacy Guidelines:

    The standard HIPAA established to protect a patient’s personal health information is known as the HIPAA Privacy Rule. This rule makes using the minimum patient health information (PHI) mandatory. This rule also prevents medical providers from using a patient’s PHI in marketing collateral without their permission.

  • Security Guidelines:

    Storing and sharing data electronically puts patients at risk of having their information stolen. According to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, the HIPAA Security rule establishes a nationwide standard to aid in the safekeeping of confidentiality, integrity and availability of digitally-protected health information.

  • Breach Notification Guidelines:

    In the modern digital landscape, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be 100% free of data breaches. In case vital patient information ever does get released, the Breach Notification rule mandates that entities alert the appropriate parties. The Breach Notification rule applies to vendors of personal health records, along with third party service providers.

Who Benefits From HIPAA Compliance?

A failure to understand the ins-and-outs of HIPAA compliance could result in a ripple effect throughout your organization. There are a variety of parties that can be affected by HIPAA Compliance. A few examples of medical entities that stand to benefit most from the implementation of a HIPAA compliant direct mail platform include:

  • Medical Care Providers:

    After providing grade-A medical care to patients, you’ll eventually need to store appointment details, and potentially use those insights for a follow-up visit. A HIPAA compliant direct mail platform allows you to send automated reminder postcards referencing details of past visits to patients. This could drastically ease the process of getting patients to schedule necessary appointments.

  • Medical Insurance Coverage Providers:

    Similar to healthcare providers, health insurance providers can provide customers with an additional layer of peace of mind knowing their health insights are in the hands of a HIPAA-compliant provider. By leveraging a HIPAA compliant direct mail automation platform healthcare coverage providers can easily notify patients when changes to their policy occur, when bills are due and with other vital updates.

  • Patients:

    Ultimately, patients stand to gain the most from HIPAA compliance. Medical patients who receive updates regarding their health history from a HIPAA compliant provider don’t have to worry about their health history falling into the wrong hands. Additionally receiving updates to changes regarding their health status is easier when patients receive care from a HIPAA compliant provider.

Is DMM HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, DMM is HIPAA compliant, meaning you can send HIPAA compliant mailers to patients with Direct Mail Manager. This allows Direct Mail Manager users to know that patient information sent using the platform meets guidelines for HIPAA compliance, protecting vital patient information. Direct Mail Manager’s ability to send HIPAA compliant direct mail can ease patient communications in a variety of ways. And with triggered sends, the process of sending HIPAA compliant direct mail to patients couldn’t be easier.


Along with the ability to automate the process of sending direct mail, you can also track the status of your mailer and validate the addresses on your mailing list. This helps you avoid wasting your time and money by sending direct mail to empty mailboxes at incorrect addresses. Direct Mail Manager also offers a variety of design resources capable of helping you send mail that instantly captures the attention of recipients, including free direct mail templates and a pre-flight design tool. Ultimately, Direct Mail Manager has everything you need to begin sending personalized, fully-designed HIPAA-compliant direct mail whenever you’re ready.

Begin Sending HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail Today With Direct Mail Manager!

You can start sending HIPAA compliant direct mail today by signing up for a Free or Pro package with Direct Mail Manager. Make patient communications smoother than ever by automating your patient updates with fully-variable direct mail. Getting started is simple, but if you have a question our team of direct mail experts is glad to answer any of your questions during a complimentary demo. You can begin mailing today by signing up and uploading your first mailing list.