How Are Dentists and Other Healthcare Providers Using DMM to Design and Send HIPAA-Compliant Direct Mail?

The best dentists and medical pros are always on the search for new resources capable of  strengthening their connection with patients. Considering how long patients have been responding to postcards and letters from brands and companies, direct mail is right at the top of the list when it comes to solutions that have the ability to improve connections with patients. But you can’t begin mailing patients until you find a HIPAA compliant mailing platform. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Some of the ways medical professionals leverage Direct Mail Manager’s HIPAA compliant mailing capabilities include:

Direct Mail Manager Enables Medical Professionals to Automate Communications Regarding Appointments, and Prescriptions

You can’t send a letter to every one of your patients reminding them of their appointment. But the next best thing you can do with the help of Direct Mail Manager is implement triggers that enable you to send postcards or letters once a certain threshold has been met, like a certain amount of days without booking an appointment. This allows you to stay connected with patients that haven’t scheduled an appointment recently without taking away too much time from your regular daily responsibilities. Ultimately this type of trigger-based communication could be exactly what it takes to maintain a long-term healthy relationship with certain patients. 

And Direct Mail Manager’s HIPAA compliance means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your patient’s medical information falling into the wrong hands. That’s essential for maintaining the trust of your patients. Programs like Zapier make integrating your patient relationship management tools with Direct Mail Manager simple, too. 

Medical Professionals Can Use Direct Mail Manager’s Design Tool to Craft Postcards and Letters for Patients

One of the biggest hurdles preventing medical professionals from sending direct mail campaigns is a lack of design resources. After all, most people in your shoes don’t have the bandwidth to craft a postcard capable of capturing a recipients’ attention. Since that’s the case, Direct Mail Manager offers a variety of design resources for helping you create postcards from scratch like our brand-new design tool. Here are a few ways the design tool makes crafting postcards easier:

Free Image Library:

Sourcing images of happy patients can be quite time consuming. That’s why we provide you with a library of free images you can use in your postcards or letters. Simply search for an image you’d like to include and drag and drop it into your design. Doing so could be what it takes for recipients to envision themselves in your practice in the near future.


QR Codes:

You can’t gauge the success of your mailing campaign unless you track and measure its performance. That’s exactly why Direct Mail Manager’s design tool enables you to include a QR code directly into your postcard or letter design. Once recipients see and scan the QR code on your mailer, they can take the next steps you need them to take, whether that’s scheduling a next appointment or fulfilling payments.


Easily Save and Edit Previous Designs:

Suppose you have a design or letter template that patients seem to respond well to. In this case, you can save and duplicate those designs. This enables you to easily tweak and edit them for future use. 

How Are Dentists and Other Healthcare Providers Using DMM to Design and Send HIPAA-Compliant Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Manager Makes Creating Mailing Segments Simple

Being able to segment audiences within seconds ensures that your patients are never out of the loop when it comes to details regarding their health. In that same token segmentation also enables you to easily make sure that your patients are up to date on important updates regarding your practice. Let’s say for example that you’d like to connect with patients who haven’t scheduled an appointment with you in the past few years. Since this message would be different from one you’d send to patients who just had an appointment last week and are anticipating a follow-up segmenting your audiences can help avoid confusion.


In this case, to create new audience segments in Direct Mail Manager, all you’d need to do is filter contacts out whose last appointment date was sooner than a few years ago. Then, create your postcard including verbiage about the importance of a regular check up. Segmentation is essential for making sure that your message always reaches the right audience at the right time. And Direct Mail Manager makes leveraging the benefits of segmentation easier than you can imagine.

You Can Use Your First Party Data with Direct Mail Manager’s Variable Data Printing Capabilities to Include Key Personal Details In Your Postcards and Letters

A key benefit of leveraging a HIPAA compliant direct mail automation solution is the opportunity it provides you to add more personalization into your communications. That’s especially true when leveraging a solution that enables you to include variable data in your campaigns. Direct Mail Manager’s variable data printing capabilities allow you to include any of the first party data you have on file in your mailing campaigns. Whether it’s a patient’s condition, prescription or name, you can include any of these details in your mailers as long as you make sure to include a corresponding custom field in the list you upload.


Including this information in your campaigns can help reinforce the importance of your message, improving your relationship with patients. If your direct mail contains enough personalization it could provide a similar impact as a brief phone call. Additionally it gives patients something tangible to refer back to in case they have any questions. 

Begin Sending HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail Today!

The benefits of relying on a HIPAA compliant direct mail automation platform are immense. And getting started with direct mail is easier than you think. To begin strengthening your relationship with patients with direct mail, sign up for a free or pro direct mail manager account today! Afterwards, upload your first list and begin mailing. If you need help getting started, one of our friendly, knowledgeable direct mail specialists will gladly provide you with a complimentary demo.