How to Determine the Best Mailing Option for Your Campaign

Deciding to conduct a direct mail campaign is a big step. But once you’ve decided that you’re going to execute one, the next step is determining which products would be best for accomplishing your goals. But if you’ve never conducted a mailing campaign, determining what products are best for you can be challenging. All of the details you need regarding the products available from Direct Mail Manager include:

Best Use Cases for 4×6 Postcards

Postcards are the most common mailing option chosen by Direct Mail Manager (DMM) users. 4×6 postcards in particular have a variety of use cases. Taking into account how limited the space is on smaller, 4×6 postcards are ideal for short and sweet messaging. A few examples of scenarios that would call for 4×6 postcards include:

  • To Win Back New Customers:

Sometimes, a simple “we miss you” is all it takes to regain the interest of lapsed customers. Designing an eye-catching postcard and pairing it with a brief message explaining how much you’d like to see them return is capable of striking a chord you can’t with other marketing methods. 


  • To Share Discounts Related to Anniversaries or Celebrations:

When major milestones occur, people often anticipate hearing from their friends and family members. So whenever audiences receive a postcard from a brand they’re familiar with, it’s sure to stand out. And wishing someone a Happy Birthday or Anniversary doesn’t have to entail huge amounts of space, making a 4×6 postcard the ideal resource for connecting with audiences on special occasions.


  • To Inform Recipients of Product Availability:

FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out is one of the best tools available to marketers conducting mailing campaigns. By instilling a fear that recipients could miss out on certain products or promotions, you could get them to buy. Sending a small postcard informing recipients that inventory is dwindling could advance leads down your sales pipeline faster than you can imagine.

How Are They Different From 6×9 Postcards?

The size difference between post card sizes allows you to get more creative with larger ones. Whereas 4×6 postcards provide you with enough space for a brief message, you can use 6×9 postcards to provide instruction, photos, reviews and more. If you’re building a rapport with a new audience, or you’re still attempting to increase your brand recognition, these are ideal. Let’s say for instance that you’re conducting marketing for a new restaurant opening in town.


Since your restaurant is brand-new, recipients will probably need some help finding the place. Using a 6×9 postcard, you can include a brief illustration directing recipients on how to find your eatery from a main road or highway. Then, once your restaurant has been in business for a while, you could include photos or reviews, enticing unfamiliar recipients to come in and give it a try.


How to determine the best mailing options for your campaign

Best Use Cases for Color Letters

If you’ve ever had a pen pal in elementary school, you’re already familiar with the power of a hand-written letter. Considering how rarely people receive them anymore, it’s a surprise to receive a letter of any kind in the mail. But a colorful letter informing recipients that you’re thankful for their donation, or that it’s time to enroll in a certain program can make a big impression. And direct mail manager’s variable data printing capabilities make sending personalized color letters super simple.


To leverage Direct Mail Manager’s variable data printing capabilities, include any of the fields you’d like to personalize in your letters on the mailing list you upload. Then, you’ll be able to insert merge tags wherever you see fit. Personalizing your letters, while including colors and illustrations that are consistent with your brand is highly effective for getting the response you need. This allows your letters to feel more less generic and more like they’re coming from a trusted friend or relative.

When to Send Black and White Letters

Of course, not every mailing occasion calls for a lot of creativity. In this case a simple black and white letter will often suffice. Sometimes it’s best to just get right to the point, with as few distractions as possible. A few examples of when black and white letters may be preferable to color letters include:


  • Billing Information & Invoicing:

Direct mail is one of the best resources available for communicating billing resources. And with black and white letters, you can communicate important financial matters without having to neglect your regular responsibilities. That’s because Direct Mail Manager integrates with numerous CRM programs allowing you to send invoices based on timing or inactivity of your recipients.

  • Final Notices and Warning Letters:


Let’s say there’s a segment of your audience that needs to be nudged into taking a particular action before losing access to a certain service. In this case, a simple strongly-worded black and white letter is more than capable of getting the job done. This enables schools, utility companies, telecommunications businesses, financial institutions and more to benefit from automated direct mail.

  • Health Information and Appointment Reminders:

Using automated direct mail to send information related to patient appointments, follow ups or prescription instructions can be highly effective for all parties involved. And by relying on a HIPAA compliant automated mailing solution like Direct Mail Manager, you can ensure that your patients’ information will be protected as it makes its way throughout the mail stream. Keeping their information safe and secure is a must for maintaining a healthy relationship with your patients.

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