Tips for Leveraging User Generated Content in Your Next Automated Direct Mail Campaign

User generated content (UGC) is among the most effective resources available for helping to make your direct mail campaigns resonate better among your target audience. No matter how compelling your message is, your audience wants to hear from people just like them instead of another marketing team. That’s where user generated content enters the picture. And incorporating user generated content into your next automated direct mail campaign is likely easier than you think. Some of the best suggestions for including user generated content into your next campaign include:

Offer Statistics From Case Studies or Whitepapers

One of the goals of an automated direct mail campaign is earning trust. And providing statistics based on research that you’ve conducted is a great way to begin winning the trust of skeptics. If you’ve taken the time to perform your own research into the habits of your customers, not sharing your findings is a huge mistake. Doing so could be essential to convincing your audience that your brand is worth engaging with. 

And including statistics from case studies and whitepapers can be as simple as offering a few bullet points that reveal key findings. Additionally, providing these insights is essential for separating your brand apart from the competition that may not be as sophisticated. While most brands are busy inundating audiences with sales copy or taglines, your direct mail piece could provide convincing insights that answer relevant questions.

Share Content From Social Media

Your social media channels are among the most effective platforms for collecting user generated content. It’s also a great way to bridge the gap between your offline and online audiences. A few ideas for generating user generated content from social media include:

  • Photos of Customers Engaging With Your Product or Service

    For the vast majority of recipients on your mailing list, simply telling them about how great your product or service is won’t cut it. You’ll need to prove that what you’re saying is true with photo evidence. And including a photo of a customer patronizing your brand onto your mailer could make it easier for recipients to envision themselves using the same product. 


  • Positive Comments People Leave On Your Page

Getting someone to say something nice about the products or service you provide is easier said than done. That’s why whenever someone on social media provides you with positive feedback, sharing it on your mailing campaigns could convince recipients to finally try your product or service. Recipients who read the complimentary feedback you’ve received may have had a poor experience with a similar product from a competitor. And seeing positive feedback from social media could be exactly what makes recipients choose to purchase from your brand instead.


  • Display Influencers or Tastemakers Using Your Product or Service

The impact of influence marketing is undeniable. If the content you’ve shared on social media catches the attention of a content creator with a large following, leveraging such engagement in your next automated direct mail campaign is a must. And including a QR code that links directly to the post the influencer shared regarding your product allows you to easily track how many people engaged with your mailer, too.

user generated content in automated direct mail campaigns

Showcase Awards, Certifications and Industry Achievements

The accomplishments you’ve amassed over the course of your business’ lifespan is among the most impressive examples of user generated content available. And realistically, your industry certifications and accomplishments may be the only forms of UGC that have an impact on your audience. Don’t underestimate the impact that seeing the right trust badge or achievement could have on certain recipients. Proof that your brand is among the industry’s best could be exactly what it takes certain skeptical recipients to give you a chance.

Considering how hard you’ve worked to achieve certain benchmarks, failing to leverage them in your next campaign would be an error you regret. That’s because they make the process of earning the trust of your audience considerably easier. Imagine receiving two postcards in the mail from competing dental offices in your area. The first postcard includes trust badges from the National Dental Association and the local chamber of commerce, while the latter doesn’t have any at all. That difference makes it fair to assume that the dental office that sent the first postcard would be the one you’d schedule an appointment with.

Include Relevant Reviews and Testimonials in Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Searching for reviews of a product or service prior to making a purchase has become a rite of passage for most consumers. The only issue with that is the potential for your potential buyers to see the positive ratings and reviews from your competitors, leading them to purchase from them instead. You can circumvent this issue by including your ratings and reviews directly onto the direct mail that you send out. Another benefit to including ratings and reviews onto your mailers is their ability to answer certain questions about your brand or products.

Imagine that a recipient on your mailing list could be thinking about purchasing a certain product from your store. But the only thing stopping them is a question regarding how the item will fit upon arrival. Suddenly, they receive your mailer with a review on this hot item they’re considering purchasing saying that it “fits like a glove.” This is the type of UGC capable of turning skeptics into believers at the drop of a hat.

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