Ways Dental Offices Can Leverage a Direct Mail API to Improve Patient Communications

You already know how important finding new customers is for your dental practice. But one of the worst mistakes you could make is placing too much emphasis on acquiring new patients, instead of keeping the patients you already have. It’s been reported that improving patient retention by 5% can increase profits for your practice by 95%. That’s why you need every resource possible that is capable of improving your patient retention rate. This is where having a direct mail API that you can count on enters the picture. Find out how you can begin leveraging a direct mail API to improve your patient communications, boosting your odds of keeping patients long-term below.

Integrate Direct Mail Manager’s API With Your CRM to Automate Communications

Making direct mail a fixture of your direct mail strategy is easier than you think. That’s especially the case when you realize how many ways you can connect with patients once you’ve integrated our direct mail API with your CRM. A few ways you could leverage Direct Mail Manager’s CRM integrations to communicate with patients include:


  • Thank You for Making an Appointment Postcards

    Sometimes the little things can make a big difference. Having a resource that allows you to easily thank patients for visiting and trusting your staff with their oral health could make inroads with new visitors. And a positive experience, combined with a show of gratitude could convince visitors that they don’t need to search any further than your practice for their dental needs.


  • Mailers That Include Post-Visit Follow-Up Instructions

    In many cases, you might have visitors who may be confused or hesitant about the instructions you’ve provided that are capable of helping their oral health. Direct mail could be an ideal solution in these scenarios for numerous reasons. Relying on an automated direct mail solution for sending post-visit instructions allows patients to save the instructions for reference at a later date. It also provides them with an additional piece of information with your contact information so they can call you with any questions if necessary.


  • Reminder Postcards Alerting Patients When it’s Time to See the Dentist

    Tracking down patients that you haven’t seen in a while is one of the most difficult tasks associated with keeping patients. One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is by relying on a direct mail automation solution that can be easily integrated into your CRM. That’s because this allows you to benefit from trigger-based mailing campaigns. Suppose you have patients that haven’t booked appointments in at least 8 months. You could use our direct mail API to send a direct mailer to that specific audience once the threshold of 8 months has been reached. This allows you to remind patients that it’s time to book a visit without having to track each one down individually.

To Securely Communicate HIPAA-Protected Information

Providing sensitive information to patients is often easier said than done. Relying on a direct mail solution that isn’t HIPAA-compliant could hurt your practice big time. That’s why you need a direct mail solution that keeps patient information safe and secure before making it a staple of your strategy. While you might be relying on a certain solution for routine updates for patients, more sensitive information regarding a patient’s visit could require HIPAA-Compliance. Luckily, with Direct Mail Managers newly acquired HIPAA-Compliant status, you don’t have to search far for the solution you need. 


By incorporating a HIPPA-compliant direct mail solution into your patient communication strategy, you’ll be able to seamlessly mail all types of information to patients. This means you can rely on Direct Mail Manager for all of your patient communications. Whether it’s a simple appointment reminder, or sensitive billing information, you can rest easy knowing Direct Mail Manager is fully equipped and capable of handling all of your communications efforts. Additionally, your ability to provide patients with updates using a HIPAA-compliant solution could also help build trust among patients that may be on the fence.

ways dental offices can leverage direct mail api

Personalize Your Patient Communications With Variable Data Printing

Relying on a direct mail API that integrates with your current CRM allows you to add a personal touch to your mailers. With variable data printing, you can leverage the first party data you’ve gathered to let patients know they aren’t just another name on your patient list. This is your opportunity to get creative, further developing your relationship with patients. You can use variable data printing to provide recipients with custom URLS that feature their first or last names where they can go to book their next appointments.


Another way you could leverage variable data printing is by providing discounts on specific services. Variable data printing allows you to change the service, or discount you’re referring to based on the recipient. Suppose you have a segment of patients who haven’t responded to previous appointment reminders you’ve sent. By providing a slight discount on a teeth cleaning, you might be able to remind patients about the importance of maintaining their oral health.

Let Direct Mail Manager Help You Retain Dental Patients – Join Today!

Improving your retention rates doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Automated direct mail is one of the most effective resources you have at your disposal for retaining more patients. And getting started with Direct Mail Manager is even simpler than you can imagine. To begin using Direct Mail Manager’s API to begin sending mailers to your patients, sign up for a free account today! Then you’ll be able to begin exploring our integrations, and upload your first mailing list. 


With our dedicated support team, Direct Mail Manager is more than capable of answering your questions and guiding you along the way to achieving the results necessary for retaining more patients. Don’t miss out on the direct mail revolution taking place in dental offices throughout the nation. Start your journey with direct mail today by signing up for a free account and booking a complimentary demo with one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives.