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Why Direct Mail Manager is the Easiest Direct Mail Platform to Use

It’s 2023. Nowadays, it’s no secret that automation can be pivotal when it comes to making just about everything easier, including sending direct mail. But if you search for “best direct mail platform”, you’ll be forced to read through sales pitches and technical jargon that doesn’t explain why you should choose a particular platform.

So that may lead you to wondering about how to go about choosing the best direct mail automation platform for your next campaign. If you’re stuck at a fork in the road, unsure of which direct mail platform you should choose, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a complete breakdown of why Direct Mail Manager should be your direct mail automation platform of choice:

How Other Direct Mail Automation Platforms Personalize Direct Mail Campaigns

Personalization is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful direct mail campaign. A lack of personalization within your direct mail campaigns could be a reason why your campaign falls short of expectations.

Here are some of the limitations that you may be forced to overcome when sending direct mail using a different platform: 



  • A baseline familiarity with HTML is needed to add basic personalization elements like name, location, etc.

  • No variable data printing capabilities listed.

  • Without a Shopify integration, including personalization based on products, or buying habits is more difficult.


Variable Data Printing With Direct Mail Manager

Creating personalized direct mail campaigns couldn’t be easier with Direct Mail Manager. That’s because users have the ability to use any of a contact’s details to make any aspect of your direct mail personalized towards your audience. Want to include a personalized url (PURL) to users that leads them to a unique landing page with a special offer? You can do that, along with so much more with Direct Mail Manager.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too. You can use Direct Mail Manager to send discount codes to customers that have purchased a certain product before in the past, to update shoppers about new or dwindling inventory regarding their favorite products and a whole lot more. That’s because Direct Mail Manager makes the process of uploading your list, and crafting custom HTML postcards simple, even for users that aren’t incredibly tech savvy.

How Direct Mail Manager Helps You Verify Addresses and Reduce Waste

The ability to verify addresses prior to sending direct mail is another key reason why Direct Mail Manager is the easiest direct mail automation platform to use. If you don’t make sure your addresses are accurate and error-free prior to pressing send on your campaign, you may wind up pouring hundreds of dollars down the drain. That’s why prior to committing to a particular platform, you need to ensure that they have safeguards in place to help keep you from wasting your money.

Could you imagine spending hours on a design, content and offer for a direct mail piece, only for it to be returned to sender?  These are the types of experiences that prevent users from reaping the full benefits of direct mail campaigns. The ability of Direct Mail Manager to validate more than 160 million USPS addresses is essential to Direct Mail Manager’s ability to help prevent users from wasting their time and money.

Address Verification With Other Direct Mail Automation Platforms

Below, you’ll find some of the abilities and limitations of other direct mail platforms when it comes to their ability to verify addresses.


  • Address Verification may be too technical for some users.

  • No real time address verification or validation services.

  • No tracking for the first three days of your campaign.


Visual Representation for Tracking of Mailers on the Dashboard

Providing users with all of the metrics necessary to make informed decisions is a must. That’s why once your addresses have been verified, and you press send on your direct mail campaign, you don’t have to guesstimate the arrival of your mailers, or wonder about their delivery status. That’s because Direct Mail Manager users have access to real-time tracking status of their mail all from the convenience of their dashboards.

This could be vital in helping marketers coordinate the launch of additional marketing campaigns, providing status updates along with much more. Tracking insights regarding the status of direct mail could also be impactful when it comes to comparing delivery times to response times, which is essential for mastering your cadence on future direct mail campaigns.

Here’s an example of the tracking screen users have access to:


you can select either postcards or letters within a certain range to see % in mail stream/processed for delivery/return to sender. The map shows you which cards in what location were processed for delivery on that day

Free In-house Graphic Artists That Assist With Direct Mail Design

It goes without saying that design is one of the biggest hurdles that prevents people from sending direct mail. But clearly everyone doesn’t have stellar graphic design skills to lean on, and that shouldn’t eliminate them from being able to benefit from being able to send direct mail. That’s why Direct Mail Manager wanted to make things simple for all of our users, including those who aren’t experts in graphic design.

Direct Mail Manager has in-house graphic designers capable and willing to go the extra mile to work with you to create a design that stands out in the minds of your audience. The best part is that executing your direct mail campaign with Direct Mail Manager gives you access to this all for free! So if your lack of artistic ability has prevented you from sending direct mail in the past, get in touch with Direct Mail Manager Today so you can begin working with our highly skilled design team.

Start Your Next Direct Mail Platform With Direct Mail Manager Today!

Now that you know what differentiates Direct Mail Manager from the pack, you’re probably more than ready to get started with your next direct mail campaign. The good news is that getting started with Direct Mail Manager couldn’t be easier. If you’re ready to start sending, don’t hesitate to create a free account and upload your first list today! If you’re interested in seeing how the platform works for yourself, that’s perfectly fine, too. To learn more about Direct Mail Manager, you can click here to book a free demo.