5 Best Practices for Sending Dental Appointment Reminder Postcards

Considering everything dental office managers are responsible for, sending appointment reminder postcards may not be a top priority. But failing to mail them out could result in less appointments being booked. Fortunately, there are numerous ways a direct mail API can take the heavy lifting out of the process of sending appointment reminder postcards. A few best practices to keep in mind for using automated direct mail to send your dental appointment reminder postcards include:

Segment Your Audiences

Part of the challenge when it comes to sending direct mail is constructing your mailing list. And when it comes to appointment reminder postcards, you can’t mail the same postcard to every patient in your database. That’s where segmentation enters the picture. Segmentation makes providing audiences with the right message, at the right time easier than you can imagine. And when relying on a Direct Mail API to send appointment reminder postcards, you can segment your audiences by simply importing an excel list with custom fields.


Once your list is uploaded, you can create segments with each of your fields, and create mailing campaigns specifically for those recipients. And that allows you to easily craft campaigns based on the appointment dates, or procedures of specific audience segments. This allows your postcards to quickly grab the attention of recipients, while increasing the odds of your patient remembering to come in for their appointment. And when your audiences are segmented, you can address specific pain points in your postcard to help patients make necessary preparations ahead of time, leading to a smoother experience for everyone.

Why segmentation is among the Best Practices for Sending Dental Appointment Reminder Postcards

Automate Your Campaign With Triggered Sends

Stamping and addressing each individual postcard you’re mailing is impractical for a variety of reasons. Doing this would not only be time consuming, but expensive too. But with Direct Mail Manager’s ability to leverage triggered sends, you don’t have to worry about making sure your mail gets delivered on time. That’s because multiple integrations allow you to automatically send postcards to patients once certain thresholds are met, or specific actions are taken. Let’s say for instance that you have a patient that recently scheduled a teeth cleaning appointment.


In this case, once you’ve updated your CRM with the patient’s appointment date, you can use Direct Mail Manager to implement a trigger that sends them a postcard once they get within a 30 day window of their appointment. Mailing your patients at the right time is essential to being able to get them to remember to come in. Additionally, this capability enables you to send appointment reminder postcards without having to neglect any of your regular responsibilities. Considering how busy your patients are, sending dental appointment reminder postcards at the right time is instrumental for getting patients to stick to them.


Personalize Your Dental Appointment Reminder Postcards

You can’t understate the impact of personalizing your dental appointment reminder postcards. Adding a personal touch to your postcards can go a long way in helping to nurture the patient/dentist relationship. That’s especially the case considering how many dental offices fail to send reminder postcards altogether, while others rely on a basic generic template. Thanks to variable data printing, personalizing your dental appointment reminder postcards is easier than you might think. 


Direct Mail Manager’s Variable Data Printing capabilities allow you to leverage your first party data to create mailers that instantly resonate with recipients. Imagine receiving a dental appointment postcard reminder in the mail that includes your name, the location of your appointment, along with the time and procedure details. This type of postcard is likely to stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the mail most recipients receive on a regular basis. Personalization, combined with timing can result in a big increase in patients remembering to keep their scheduled appointments.

Rely on Free Design Resources

You don’t have to break the bank to design your dental appointment postcard reminders. That’s because Direct Mail Manager provides numerous complimentary design resources for members. These resources include:


  • Free Direct Mail Templates:

    Designing a direct mail campaign from scratch is an obstacle that often steers people away from sending postcards altogether. That’s why Direct Mail Manager provides you with a library of free dental direct mail templates you can download and customize. Using these templates allows you to save both time and money on postcard design.


  • Pre Flight Design Tool:

    Once you’ve settled on a design for your dental appointment reminder postcards, you might think your work is all done, but think again. Your artwork may contain embarrassing mistakes that could damage your reputation among patients. Let’s say that your postcard design contains text that’s at risk of being cut off, or a partially obstructed design. Direct Mail Manager users have access to a pre-flight design tool that helps catch errors dealing with bleed, spacing and more, helping you avoid making common postcard design mistakes.


  • In-House Design from Direct Mail Manager:

    If you need help designing your appointment reminder postcards from top to bottom, but you don’t know where to look, you’re in the perfect place. That’s because Direct Mail Manager pro users have access to our battle-tested creative team that is eager to help make your vision come  into fruition. To begin working on designs for your dental appointment postcard reminder, sign up for a Direct Mail Manager account and complete the design survey so we can get to work!

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