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How Realtors Are Using Google Street With Direct Mail Campaigns for Lead Farming

The most successful realtors are always searching for new ways to gain the competitive edge. Considering how dedicated Direct Mail Manager is to helping realtors like you close more deals, we went the extra mile to enable realtors to create more personalized postcards with our Google Street View integration. Since the integration has been available, realtors all throughout the nation have been generating better lead farming results. Some of the ways realtors are leveraging the Google Street View integration include:

Generate Custom Offers/Estimates and Easily Swap Agents Based on Territory

Being proactive when it comes to delivering information regarding making a decision regarding buying or selling is crucial for establishing yourself in a new market. But sending market updates and estimates based on each individual area you’re attempting to enter is a lot of work. This is where Direct Mail Manager’s integration with Google Street View enters the frame. Let’s say you’ve got multiple estimates across a few different neighborhoods you’d like to send. 

In this situation, you can rely on the Google Street View integration to provide estimates to recipients based on where they’re located. Using Direct Mail Manager’s variable data printing capabilities allows you to provide different estimates to different recipients based on their location. All you have to do is make sure to include estimates or offers as a custom field in the list you upload. Then include the corresponding merge tag into the postcard or letter and you’re all set! As an added bonus, you can even set up triggers that allow you to automatically send your mail once certain thresholds have been met.

Using Google Street View with DMM Makes Sending We Buy Houses Postcards Made Simple

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly difficult to open your mailbox without finding at least one postcard or flier saying “we buy houses.” That means if you’re sending them, in order to gain the traction you want, yours will need to stand out big time. One of the best ways to make yours stand head and shoulders above the crowd is by using Google Street View to include real images of your recipients homes in the mailers you send them. This delivers a level of professionalism and personalization that your competition will probably struggle to reach.

Let’s assume that you check your mailbox after work one day and find two postcards from different parties that are interested in buying your home. Suppose that one postcard contains a photo of your home, along with the city you live in while addressing you by name. The latter on the other hand simply contains a few bullets telling you about how hot the market is and how much you stand to gain from selling. It’s fair to assume that the latter postcard wouldn’t have nearly as much of an impact as the first postcard. And as a result, if you were interested in selling you’d likely connect with the realtor that sent the first postcard. And that’s why you can’t underestimate the importance of personalization within your mailing campaigns – nor can you downplay the role Google Street View plays in making your postcards more personal.

Showcase Neighborhood Homes and Properties on Farming Postcards

For most people, seeing is believing. In order for your recipients to believe that you’re capable of selling their home they’ll need to see that you’re familiar with the area. And Direct Mail Manager’s Google Street View integration makes the process of enabling audiences to picture their homes being sold easier than ever. That’s because you can leverage our variable data printing to include various examples of homes that have recently sold in a particular neighborhood, along with how much said home sold for. Let’s say you’re attempting to connect with homeowners in a new territory.


In this case, using Google Street View to display homes nearby that have sold, along with how much it sold for allows audiences to understand that you know what it takes to get the job done for new clientele much better than generic marketing copy. Additionally seeing an actual nearby home instead of a stock image has the potential to stand out to recipients, while instilling a heightened sense of familiarity and trust. And those go a long way when it comes to securing new clientele.

Google Street View Postcard Example

Steps to Begin Leveraging Direct Mail Manager’s Integration With Google Street View

If you think you lack the technical expertise required to gain from Direct Mail Manager’s integration with Google Street View, think again! Incorporating Google Street View into your mailing campaigns is as simple as following the steps below:


  1. Generate an API Key:

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your Gmail account. Then navigate to Google’s API page. Then, you’ll want to create a new project. After that, simply complete the sign up steps and you’ll receive your API Key. Be sure to save it once you get it!


2. Register Your Custom Field:


Next, you’ll log into your Direct Mail Manager account and navigate to the address page. Then once you go to the custom field section, select “add a new custom field.” Afterwards, name and save the merge tag.

3. Create Your HTML Artwork:

In layman’s terms, HTML artwork is the opposite of PDF artwork. While PDF artwork is static and can’t be changed, HTML artwork is capable of using variable data printing to create personalized artwork based on your custom fields related to your mailing lists. Once you get to the “Artworks” section in your DMM dashboard, there’s a templates section where you can select HTML templates of various sizes.

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