How Small Businesses Benefit From Leveraging Automated Direct Mail

If you think your business is too small to reap the benefits of automated direct mail campaigns, think again. Making automated direct mail campaigns a staple of your marketing strategy is easier than you think, too. And the results from automated direct mail campaigns have the potential to take your small business to unseen heights. So if you’re unsure about whether your small business should begin leveraging direct mail automation, sit tight. Some of the main reasons small businesses like yours benefit from leveraging automated direct mail campaigns include:

Automated Direct Mail Campaigns Make Segmentation Simple

Attempting to reach your entire audience with one general message is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Segmentation allows you to reach specific customers with a message specifically tailored to their interest and past behaviors. And with Direct Mail Manager segmentation is as easy as can be. All you have to do is ensure that your mailing list contains custom fields you’d like to segment your audience by.


Then, you can filter users on your mailing list based on the criteria you want this segment to fulfill. This allows you to speak to audiences about their particular interests and behaviors. And addressing audiences with messaging they find relevant is essential to getting the responses you desire. That’s especially the case in comparison to “one-size-fits-all” marketing messaging that may not address the specific interests or concerns of your audience.

You Can Use Direct Mail Automation to Personalize Your Messaging

Addressing the specific concerns your audience has is a great way to help your marketing messaging stand apart from the crowd. Another way to make your messaging stand out is by making it personal. But taking the time to address each of your mailers is more time consuming than you can imagine. That’s where automated direct mail programs enter the picture. Direct Mail Managers allows users to personalize their campaigns using any of the first party data they have available.


This has the potential to make your direct mail much more impactful than your competitors who may not be providing audiences with tailored messaging. Let’s say for instance that you receive a mailer from two local HVAC companies. The first mailer addresses you by name in its reminder to clean your air ducts for the spring, due to high allergy rates in your area. If the second mailer simply offered generic marketing verbiage addressed to “dear neighbor”, it’s fair to assume that the first company would ultimately receive your business.

Automated Direct Mail Campaigns Help You Avoid Wasteful Errors

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is attempting to conduct a direct mail campaign on your own. That’s because if you’re new to direct mail, you may wind up pouring your hard earned marketing dollars down the drain. Not to mention the fact that conducting a direct mail campaign with no help is considerably time consuming. A few of the ways automated direct mail could help you avoid wasting your money include:


  • Avoid Mailing to Empty Mailboxes With Address Validation

The potential for there to be mistakes with the addresses on your mailing list is through the roof. And if there are errors with your addresses, failing to catch them in time could result in your mailer never being read. That’s why Direct Mail Manager provides address validation for 160 million USPS addresses, and more than 15 million non-postal ones.


  • Triggered Sends to Reach Audiences With the Right Message at the Right Time

    Direct Mail Manager’s ability to leverage triggered sends allows marketers to send mailers whenever a specific action is taken. This makes following up with leads once they’ve taken action simple. Check out all the different integrations you can use with Direct Mail Manager to begin using triggers to execute your campaigns.


  • Tracking to Help Avoid Sending Too Much Within a Short Time Frame

    Timing the cadence of your campaigns is a must for achieving the results you need. That’s why Direct Mail Manager allows users to track their mail from the moment it leaves our facilities until it gets delivered. This insight helps you fine-tune future campaigns based on how quickly your audience begins responding to your mailers.


Using Direct Mail Automation Can Help Ease The Design Process

Design is among the biggest obstacles preventing small businesses from conducting direct mail campaigns. But there are numerous ways automated direct mail campaigns can help you overcome your design woes. The first is by providing audiences with a library of free direct mail templates. Their formats include both PDFs and HTML, and they’re fully customizable. The ability to kickstart your campaign using these templates helps you get off the ground at absolutely no cost!

Along with our library of free templates, Direct Mail Manager also provides users with a free pre-flight design tool. This design tool is essential for avoiding design mistakes capable of sinking your campaign entirely. Keeping your text and images outside of areas that will be cut off is easier said than done, but that’s what the tool is there for. And if you’re still unsure about designing your campaign on your own that’s perfectly fine. Direct Mail Manager provides Pro level users with design assistance at no additional cost.

Begin Using Direct Mail Automation For Your Small Business Today – Sign Up For a Direct Mail Manager Account Today!

There are a variety of obstacles preventing small businesses like yours from executing direct mail campaigns. But Direct Mail Manager helps overcome these obstacles, allowing you to benefit from the same mailing campaigns major companies execute. Once you’re ready to begin sending, sign up for a Free or Pro Direct Mail Manager account and upload your first list. If you have any questions about getting your first campaign up and running, sign up for a free demo. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Direct Mail Manager is eager to talk with you about any concerns you may have about getting started.