Tips for Executing an Omnichannel Real Estate Marketing Strategy with Direct Mail

There are a variety of ways implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy helps Realtors exceed their goals. An omnichannel marketing strategy entails relying on multiple mediums to get your message across to your audience. And automated direct mail campaigns make implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy easier than you can imagine. If you’re new to direct mail, omnichannel marketing or you just need an explainer on how this strategy can yield more business, you’re in the perfect place. All of the insights you need can be found below!


Use Automated Direct Mail to Share User Generated Content (UGC)

One of the realities of your marketing efforts is that audiences will never trust your marketing collateral as much as they will the word of other customers. Coming to terms with that, and providing you recipients with feedback from actual customers is a highly effective way to differentiate your message from competing Realtors. And UGC is among the best methods for allowing customers to hear from other customers about how great your services are. A few UGC examples you can leverage in your next automated direct mail campaign include:

  • Ratings and Reviews

    Searching for ratings and reviews prior to making a commitment is fairly common practice nowadays. The problem is, if you leave audiences to search for reviews about your services on their own, they may get distracted by the stelar reviews of a competitor and work with them instead. The best way to avoid this is to place your reviews directly onto your direct mail pieces.

  • Testimonials

    Perhaps there’s a relatable story about how you’ve helped someone find the home of their dreams. Sharing this type of testimonial on your mailers can deliver a bigger impact than you might think. Additionally, they can help recipients envision themselves using your services.

  • Social Media Photos & Comments

    Not everyone who receives your mail follows you on social media, and vice versa. That’s why sharing this content on your mailers is among the most effective methods for implementing an omnichannel strategy. If you’ve worked hard to build a significant social media following with followers singing your praises, you benefit immensely from sharing this content with offline audiences.

Automated Direct Mail Allows You to Time Additional Marketing Efforts Accordingly

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing campaigns. If you communicate with audiences too frequently, you may turn them away from your brand. But not contacting them enough means they may not remember to reach out once they’re ready to buy or sell. That’s why you need resources capable of helping you properly time and track your communications. And Direct Mail Manager simplifies the process of timing your communications with real-time mail tracking.


Using Direct Mail Manager allows you to track the status of your mail based on its current location within the mail stream. That allows users to fine-tune the timing of additional communications efforts based on how quickly recipients respond to your mailers. This is a great way to circumvent potentially turning off audiences by over communicating with them. Additionally, without real time mail tracking, you may wind up wasting money sending mailers that recipients find irrelevant.


Use Automated Direct Mail to Drive Recipients Towards Your Online Presence

Part of getting the response you desire from your campaigns is making it easy for them to take your desired next steps. And one of the most effective ways of doing so is by using your direct mail piece to get recipients onto your website or social media channels. There are a few ways you can use direct mail to get recipients onto your website, too. These methods are also highly effective for helping you track the results of your campaign.


The first is a unique URL and accompanying landing page. Adding a unique URL will likely capture the attention of recipients more than a standard one. And simply getting recipients onto your website increases odds that recipients will take the desired action you want them to. A similar option is QR codes. Using QR codes allows recipients to reach your website and take your desired next step in just the amount of time it takes them to open their smartphones and take a quick picture.

Tips for Executing an Omnichannel Real Estate Marketing Strategy with Direct Mail

Triggered Sends Allow You to Reinforce Your Online Message With a Tangible Item

Reading an advertisement online just once often isn’t enough to get recipients to remember who you are once they’re ready to make a decision regarding buying or selling a home. That’s why developing an omnichannel marketing strategy that prioritizes leaving audiences with something tangible is essential for Realtors. Let’s say you send a postcard to a recipient who’s considering selling their home within the next few months every few weeks leading up to their move. 


Who do you think would be more likely to earn their business: A Realtor who served them one Facebook Ad last week, or the Realtor who’s postcard is currently sitting on the kitchen counter? Most people would likely choose the first Realtor in large part because of the fact that they already know that Realtors contact information, areas served and more. And it’s not because the recipient has these facts memorized – in fact quite the opposite. Providing this information on a postcard allows recipients to keep your info on hand until they’re ready to use it.


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