Why Direct Mail Automation is Ideal for Marketers on a Budget

Getting the marketing results you need while on a strict budget can be tough. But the right resources make it easier than you think. When it comes to the best solutions for marketing on a budget, automated direct mail is right up there at the top of the list. If you’re unfamiliar with automated direct mail campaigns, the fact that you can mail your audience while remaining under budget may surprise you. But in reality, cost-conscious marketers everywhere are leveraging direct mail to get the results they need. Some of the reasons why direct mail automation is a viable option for marketers on a budget include:

Direct Mail Lowers Cost per Customer Acquisition

Overspending on customer acquisition is among the biggest mistakes you could be making. By relying on marketing solutions that deliver results at lower rates, you can reduce your customer acquisition costs (CAC). If you’re not sure about how much you’re currently spending on customer acquisition, remember this formula: cost of sales+cost of marketing/new customers acquired. If you’re spending more than you’d like on customer acquisition, that’s a key indicator that it’s time to begin incorporating direct mail into your marketing efforts.


If you’re unsure as to why direct mail is such an ideal solution for reducing your customer acquisition costs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First is the fact that direct mail automation programs like direct mail manager allow you to sign up for a monthly rate of $199, then to pay as you go. This allows you to mail 4×6 postcards to your mailing list for $0.58 each, along with free design. Another consideration to make is that Direct Mail Manager’s variable data printing capabilities allow your mailers to stand out with personalization that your competitors can’t match. These factors have the potential to make your marketing efforts more impactful while reducing how much you spend.

Direct Mail Automation Makes Leveraging Your First Party Data for Better Results Simple

Targeting audiences with mailing lists is often associated with high costs. And that often scares marketers away from conducting direct mail campaigns. That’s where direct mail automation enters the picture. By leveraging Direct Mail Manager, you can use the data saved in your CRM to create well-defined segments. This makes providing audiences with messages they’ll find relevant or compelling easier than you can imagine.


Let’s say for instance that you’re conducting a mailing campaign for a local HVAC repair company. You could segment your audiences based on previous services that have been performed. This allows you to mail postcards reminding clients that have scheduled air duct cleanings with you last fall, or to send postcards reminding clients you’ve done AC repair  to schedule a tune up before the summer starts. This type of segmentation based on the first-party data you possess is essential to getting the results you desire from your campaigns. The fact that you can get the responses you need without purchasing a list is welcome news to marketers on a strict budget.

Why Direct Mail Automation is Ideal for Marketers on a Budget

Automated Direct Mail Saves Time While Eliminating Waste

Among the first images that comes to mind when people think of direct mail is bundling together a bunch of envelopes and hauling them down to the post office. And considering how many hats most marketers are responsible for wearing, the idea of doing this is downright daunting. But automated direct mail allows you to execute campaigns with just the click of a button. This allows you to lend your energy and focus elsewhere. 


Along with saving time, direct mail automation is also capable of helping you avoid wasting your marketing dollars. Suppose someone on your mailing list enters an address incorrectly. Unless you somehow catch it before your mailer goes out, you may be paying postage on a mailer that sits in an empty mailbox. The address verification capabilities of direct mail automation allows you to validate 160 million USPS addresses, correcting any errors on your list before your mail gets sent. 

You Can Save on Design Costs Using Direct Mail Automation 

If the cost of hiring a designer for your campaign has prevented you from sending direct mail, you likely aren’t alone. The good news is that direct mail automation is capable of providing you with the design help you need. A few ways Direct Mail Manager helps users design campaigns include:

  • Pre-Flight Design Tool:
    There are numerous intricacies that go into designing your mailing campaign. And if you’re unclear on what those are, you won’t be proud of how your design turns out. Using Direct Mail Manager’s pre-flight design tool indicates where the safe areas in your mailer are, along with the areas where the bleed belongs. This free, easy to use resource is essential to avoiding direct mail design mistakes.

  • Templates
    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to design your mailers from scratch. Direct Mail Manager provides users with a library of fully-customizable free direct mail templates, in PDF and HTML format. These templates allow you to kickstart your campaign without having to hire a designer.

  • Custom Designs for Pro Members
    Direct Mail Manager users subscribed at the Pro level have access to unlimited designs from our creative team. The turnaround time for in-house designs is roughly 3-5 days. Once your artwork is completed, users can easily access it on their dashboards.

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