Why Ecommerce Retailers Benefit From Using DMM for Designing and Executing Campaigns – Video Example Included!

Mailing postcards may not be the first method that comes to mind when exploring new ways to increase revenue for an ecommerce store. Regardless, they’re among the most effective methods for earning more revenue. And there are several reasons why that’s the case. If you’re unfamiliar with how automated direct mail platforms work, you’re in for a surprise. The ways the right direct mail automation platform can help you revolutionize your ability to increase sales include:

Ecommerce Retailers Can Use Direct Mail Manager to Design Visually Appealing Postcards

Managing an ecommerce store means you probably need the process of designing your campaign to be as simple as possible. Taking this into consideration, Direct Mail Manager recently introduced a brand-new design tool that allows you to create and save new postcard designs within minutes. Check out the video below for a quick demo on how easy it is to use!

And the design resources don’t stop there. Direct Mail Manager also offers a library of free direct mail templates. Feel free to use these templates as inspiration, or download and edit them in the format of your choice: HTML or PDF. Both solutions enable you to design and send impactful mailing campaigns without having to take away too much time from your daily responsibilities. 

Automating Your Campaigns Enables You to Automatically Provide Product Updates

One thing your loyal customers and skeptical tire-kickers have in common is that neither has any idea of what your storefront is running out of. Perhaps you’ve got a popular T-shirt design on your ecommerce site that sells out fast. Informing audiences once the item is dwindling in inventory, or upon restocking it could be the nudge needed for them to purchase from you. After all, if you don’t inform audiences about what’s coming down the pike, how will they know?

And considering how many members of your audience are being inundated with advertising via email and social media, providing updates via postcard is ideal. That’s because you can automatically send them once a certain product begins running out, or once it’s been restocked. To add icing on the cake, you can easily track the success of your campaign just as easily as you can an email marketing campaign in a few ways. Adding a QR code, phone number or unique URL and corresponding landing page on your postcard, your recipients can easily take your desired next step. And at the end of your campaign, you’ll receive a report of how many recipients have taken your desired action allowing you to determine how to move forward on future campaigns.

You Can Use Direct Mail Manager’s Shopify Integration to Segment Audiences and Mail Them Directly From Your Storefront

Design and automation capabilities aren’t the only reasons ecommerce companies benefit from leveraging Direct Mail Manager. The broad selection of integrations available to users include Zapier, Salesforce, Shopify and more! A few ways you can use Direct Mail Manager’s integration with Shopify include:

  • Abandoned Cart:


Suppose you’ve got a lead that’s visited your website, found a product they like and added to their cart, only to leave the website. Direct Mail Manager’s integration with Shopify allows you to send postcards to anyone that abandoned their cart after a set amount of days. So in this case, you could use the integration to design and mail a postcard featuring the same products a recipient left in their carts, as a reminder that their products are waiting for a new home.


  • We Miss You:


Let’s say you have a segment of customers you haven’t heard from in a while. In this case there could be a few reasons why audiences haven’t returned to your ecommerce site. Maybe they’ve experienced financial hardship, or maybe they simply forgot. Either way, a postcard expressing how much you miss seeing past customers on your website could be just what it takes to earn their business again.


  • Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Holidays:

Providing audiences with the right message at the right time is essential for getting the results from your campaigns that you’re on the hunt for. By sending postcards to audiences on special days in their life like a birthday or anniversary, you could strengthen your relationship with leads and customers. Considering how many of your competitors aren’t taking the time to connect with their audience on the biggest days of their lives, this could allow your brand to stand out head and shoulders above them.

Why Ecommerce Retailers Benefit From Using DMM for Designing and Executing Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Manager Enables You to Personalize Your Mailers Using Your First Party Data

Along with providing audiences with the right message at the right time, another key aspect of achieving the campaign results you want is personalization. And Direct Mail Manager enables you to personalize your mail using any of the first party data you have on file. A few examples of how you can use your first party data to personalize your campaigns include:

  • Name:


Generic mailers that aren’t addressed to anybody don’t have the same impact as a postcard that addresses you by name. By addressing recipients by their first names instead of with a generic placeholder, like “Dear, Friend” you’re more likely to capture the attention of your audience.


  • Location:

If your ecommerce site has a brick and mortar location accompanying it, that’s great information to include in a postcard. That’s especially the case when you’re sending mail to recipients that are in the same town. After all, discovering that you have a local connection could be exactly what it takes to get recipients to give you a chance.


  • Product Information:

If there are certain products that audiences have shown interest in, referencing them in your postcards could enable them to envision themselves using them. All you have to do is be sure to include a custom field on the mailing list you upload for each product(s) you’d like to reference on your postcard. That goes for any of the unique first party data you’re aiming to use in your campaign.

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