Why Mailing Postcards For Events is Easier With a Direct Mail API

Planning a special event for your organization is a tall task. But increasing turnout for the event is likely easier than you think. One of the biggest mistakes you could make is failing to leverage proven tools that can lighten your workload ahead of the big day. A direct mail API eases the process of sending invitations for your special events in a variety of ways. Here’s how:

Personalizing Your Postcards is Simple With a Direct Mail API

Increasing turnout for your event means leaving no stone unturned in the process of sending out your event postcards. And creating event postcards that stand out starts with personalization. But you likely don’t have the bandwidth to personally address each recipient on your mailing list. That’s why a direct mail API with variable data printing capabilities is a necessity for sending postcards capable of increasing your event turnout. Variable data printing allows you to include all types of first-party data in your event postcards.

Names, locations, product ordered, age – it doesn’t matter. If you have the data you can leverage it in your postcard with variable data printing. And it’s fair to assume that a postcard personally addressed to recipients will generate more interest in your event than a generic, one-size-fits-all mailer. 

A Direct Mail API Makes Designing Your Special Event Postcard Simple

Designing a postcard for your special event is an obstacle that often prevents people from sending them altogether. Although designing a mailer for your event may seem daunting, you shouldn’t let design prevent you from mailing. Fortunately, a direct mail API can simplify the design process in numerous ways, including:

  • Templates

    You don’t have to design your event postcard from scratch. Direct Mail Manager provides users with access to a full library of downloadable templates you can use to begin designing your invitations. You can begin downloading and designing your postcard using a template free of charge!


  • Pre-Flight Design Tool:

    When designing your event postcard by yourself, you run the risk of making mistakes. If they aren’t caught in time, these errors have the potential to make your mailers look unprofessional. Similar to Direct Mail Manager’s library of templates, the preflight design tool is also free of charge.


  • Free Creative for Direct Mail Manager Pro Users

    Considering how time consuming the process of event planning is, you may not have time to source a designer if you can’t do it yourself. In that case, Direct Mail Manager’s pro membership, which provides users with access to our friendly, proven creative team is perfect for you. To request design assistance, sign up for a Direct Mail Manager pro membership and fill out the design request form.

Using a Direct Mail API Allows You to Send Event Postcards Based on Triggers

Another aspect of sending event postcards that turns many people away from leveraging them is the process of physically addressing and mailing them. That’s understandable considering how cumbersome mailing event postcards all on your own can be. A direct mail API takes the heavy lifting out of executing a direct mail campaign entirely though. The ability to automatically send direct mail using triggered sends is the main reason why you benefit from relying on a direct mail API.

Triggered sends allow you to determine when you’d like your audience to receive your event postcards based on certain actions or behaviors. For instance, you can set up triggers that automatically mails postcards to your event a week after they’ve placed an order. This allows you to ensure that your mail is being sent while you handle the rest of the responsibilities necessary to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. 

Relying on a Direct Mail API for Event Postcards Allows You to Execute an Omnichannel Strategy

Considering how many brands are aiming to connect with members, it’s easy for them to get distracted and forget about your event. That’s why your turnout depends on an omnichannel strategy, allowing you to continue reinforcing your message both on and offline. Leveraging a direct mail API as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy allows your recipients to easily spread the word about your event, too.

Let’s say for example that one of your recipients passes it onto a friend or family member, but later they need the address. In this situation, sharing the details about your event on social media, or in emails in conjunction with sending postcards makes it easy for recipients to find vital details about your event. Failure to leverage an omnichannel strategy to promote your event could leave potential recipients with unanswered questions about important details. Giving potential attendees multiple options for receiving crucial information about your event is a must for maximizing your turnout.

Kickstart Your Next Event Postcard Campaign With Direct Mail Manager

Sending event postcards could be exactly what it takes to exceed your turnout goals for your next event. If you’re planning to send invitation postcards for your next event, become a Direct Mail Manager user today and upload your first list to begin sending. If you’ve got questions about getting your direct mail campaign off the ground, our friendly, professional team of direct mail experts are happy to guide you through a demo at no charge. Find out why so many organizations rely on Direct Mail Manager to send event postcards by becoming a Direct Mail Manager member today!