How a Direct Mail API Makes Conducting Healthcare Mailing Campaigns Simple

Leveraging direct mail has the potential to assist healthcare professionals and medical offices in numerous ways. Improving patient communications, sending appointment reminders, and informing your community about upcoming clinics and services that are being offered are just a few of the ways direct mail can enhance your communication strategy. But relying on a direct mail API for these types of healthcare mailing campaigns can help you maximize your communications efforts in a variety of ways. Here’s how:

Integrations Allow You to Time and Personalize Your Messaging

Your mailer likely won’t be read unless it truly stands out. And one of the best ways of immediately grabbing the attention of your audience is by personalizing your direct mail. Considering how time consuming the process of personally crafting and addressing each of your mailers would be, you need a proven solution capable of doing the heavy lifting for you. And that’s exactly where automated direct mail enters the picture.


Since Direct Mail Manager can be easily integrated into programs like Zapier and Salesforce, you can easily incorporate any of your first-party data into your making campaigns. These integrations also allow you to benefit from triggers that send your mailers whenever certain activities have taken place. Let’s say you’d like to send reminder postcards to patients informing them about upcoming appointments. You could use Direct Mail Manager to execute direct mailing campaigns to be sent a few days after patients book appointments, containing their appointment date, location and other important details.

Using a Direct Mail API Makes Helps You Avoid Mistakes

If you’ve got apprehensions about using direct mail because of the potential for errors, that’s perfectly understandable. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of appearing unprofessional  due to a spelling mistake. But copy-editing each mailer for accuracy isn’t very practical. That’s another benefit of leveraging a direct mail API for healthcare mailing campaigns. Direct Mail Manager has the ability to verify up to 160 million USPS addresses and 15 million non postal ones. This is essential for avoiding wasting your budget by sending your mail to incorrect addresses.


And before finalizing your campaign, you can correct any errors you catch. This capability is essential for avoiding wasting valuable time and money. Relying on your own handiwork to ensure the accuracy of your mailing list is a taller task than you might realize. And using a competing direct mail API may not provide you with the flexibility to correct potential errors you find, validating any fears you may have about starting a mailing campaign. 

How a direct mail api provides address validation for healthcare mailing campaigns

Remaining HIPAA Compliant is Easier With a Direct Mail API

When it comes to medical communications, remaining HIPAA compliant should remain top of mind. Fortunately, Direct Mail Manager makes remaining HIPAA compliant easier than you can imagine. That’s because Direct Mail Manager prioritizes the importance of remaining HIPAA compliant. The first thing to keep in mind regarding HIPAA compliance are the various levels to it there are, which include guidelines, regarding breach notifications, privacy and security.


HIPAA’s privacy guidelines ensure the safety of a patient’s health information by making minimal usage of their Patient Health Information (PHI) mandatory. This is instrumental in keeping patient health data from falling into the wrong hands. Breach notification guidelines mandate that in situations where data breaches take place, vendors notify the affected parties. The security guidelines put into place by HIPAA puts a nationwide standard for confidentiality and data integrity. The ability to meet these fulfilments places Direct Mail Manager head and shoulders above the competition.

A Direct Mail API Makes the Design Process Simple

The thought of designing a direct mail campaign is often daunting enough to scare most people out of conducting one entirely. Considering how challenging the design process can be, it’s no surprise that design is often the exact obstacle preventing medical professionals from using direct mail. Here’s how a direct mail API can help you throughout the process of designing your next healthcare mailing campaign:


  • Free Direct Mail Templates

    Coming up with a design for your mailer can be a costly, time consuming endeavor. By downloading a free direct mail template, you can avoid much of the hassle that comes with designing a campaign.


  • Pre-Flight Design Tool

    Your mailing list isn’t the only place errors can occur when finalizing your mailing campaign. Without the right resources, you can easily commit a design error that ruins your reputation. Fortunately, Direct Mail Manager provides users with a pre-flight design tool that avoids crucial errors regarding the safe area, bleed and variable data properties of your design.


  • Complimentary Design for Pro Members

Maybe you’d prefer for someone else to entirely manage your design process from start to finish. If that’s the case, sign up for a pro membership with Direct Mail Manager today! Doing so provides you with access to our talented, hard-working creative team who would be eager to help you bring the vision you have for your mailer to life.

Start Your Next Healthcare Mailing Campaign With Direct Mail Manager

Medical professionals throughout the nation rely on Direct Mail Manager to execute high performing direct mail campaigns. To find out why so many medical professionals rely on Direct Mail Manager, schedule a free demo with Direct Mail Manager today! Our team of Direct Mail experts are eager to walk you through any questions you may have getting up and running. To get started, sign up for an account and upload your first mailing list today!