The Role of Direct Mail in Boosting Customer Engagement for Ecommerce Retailers

Busy ecommerce retailers need every resource available to keep audiences in the loop. After all, they’ll never know about all of the great new items you’ve got available unless you tell them. But considering how little time you have to spare between the rest of your daily responsibilities, keeping in touch with your many leads and customers is considerably easier said than done. That’s where a reliable direct mail API comes into play. Some of the ways a direct mail API can help you improve your customer engagement efforts include:

Frictionless Inventory Updates

It’s no secret that there are members of your audience that are only interested in some of your products. And with that in mind, emailing them about products they aren’t necessarily interested in could turn them away from your brand entirely. By providing contacts with inventory updates based on the items they’ve purchased before you can increase the odds of getting the responses you’re hoping for. And with Direct Mail Manager’s triggered sending capabilities paired with the ability to integrate with multiple CRM programs make the process of providing audiences with product updates they care about simple.


Let’s say you’re hoping to send postcards regarding a dwindling inventory to customers that have ordered this product from you in the past. In this case you can use Direct Mail Manager to automatically send postcards to an audience of previous customers of this product to alert them they’ll miss out on their chance to order if they don’t buy soon. On the other hand, you can provide these types of updates to leads that have looked at specific items that are selling fast, or to inform audiences that a product has been restocked. 

Easily Share Store Reviews

The process of researching ratings and reviews prior to buying has become a staple for many of your customers. But the problem is your audience could read the reviews of one of your competitors and feel compelled to shop with them instead of you. To avoid this, try including your high ratings and reviews on postcards you send out to new leads. Seeing a five-star review, along with a customer’s description of how great your product could be all it takes for recipients to purchase from you.


Keep in mind that your audience desires to hear from customers who can relate to their pain points rather than more of the same marketing messaging they’re constantly inundated with. Providing audiences with real feedback from customers has the potential to drastically separate you from your competition. And Direct Mail Manager offers a variety of tools for designing your mailers, making including reviews easier than you can imagine. Additionally, if you need assistance with your creative, free design is available to Direct Mail Manager Pro members.

Stay in Touch With Multiple Audiences Simultaneously

Providing specific audiences with the right message at the right time is easier said than done. But failure to do so renders your marketing efforts ineffective. Segmentation is the key to reaching audiences with messaging they find relevant at a time when they’re prepared to act. A few examples of how you can use Direct Mail Manager’s segmentation and automation capabilities to remain in touch with specific audiences include:


  • Communication Upon Sign Up


Suppose that you have an email list where recipients can receive updates about your store and products. In this case, aside from just sending a follow-up confirmation email, you can also send follow-up postcards displaying reviews, products and more. Sending this type of communication soon after they receive your welcome email could be exactly what it takes for recipients to return and place an order.


  • Win Back Discount Codes

    Imagine having a segment of contacts in your database that haven’t ordered from you in a while. This type of scenario is the perfect situation for you to use automated direct mail to send out postcards offering recipients a small discount. This may be exactly what it takes for loyal customers to return.


  • Lapsed Leads

    If you have leads that you haven’t communicated with in a while due to a lack of interest, a postcard offering a sample or discount could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Since other means of marketing to this audience have become ineffective, changing it up and reaching out via direct mail may catch their attention and get them to order.

Direct Mail Automation for Ecommerce

Direct Mail Plays a Key Role in an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Although there’s plenty of reasons ecommerce companies benefit from primarily focusing on digital marketing, there are plenty of people who would be interested in your brand that are offline. And failing to connect with your audience that exists offline is among the biggest mistakes you could make. An omnichannel marketing strategy consists of relying on multiple channels to spread your message. Continuing to emphasize your digital marketing efforts while implementing a direct mail strategy is a great way to implement an omnichannel marketing strategy. 


Pretend for example that you send a postcard to a lead that previously only received your emails. The recipient not only purchases from your store using the discount code on the postcard but also shares the mailer with a friend who doesn’t use the internet much. In this case, your direct mail campaign resulted in two sales that you likely wouldn’t have gotten without the help of an omnichannel marketing strategy. This example is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact an omnichannel marketing strategy could have on your business.

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Leveraging the power of direct mail could result in more ecommerce sales than you may realize. Starting a direct mail campaign is probably easier than you think, too. To get your next campaign off the ground, sign up for a Free or Pro Direct Mail Manager account today and upload your first list. Then, you’ll be able to begin designing and sending direct mail within minutes. If you need help getting up and running, schedule a free demo today. One of our friendly, knowledgeable direct mail experts would be glad to answer any of your questions at your earliest convenience.